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Hot on the heels of the release of the Gleaves class, is this Benson class kit release of the USS Laffey. This class was similar to the Gleaves class with many of the same components. The most noticeable difference was the flat sided funnels and exposed aft funnel trunking. This one represents the USS Laffey as she was in 1942.

This new kit is the perfect companion to the 1942 Buchanan a Gleaves class Destroyer. The Laffey features all of the same highly detailed parts with newly tooled funnels and other ship specific details such as the rounded trunking behind the aft funnel. This area was covered over on the Buchanan and many Gleaves class ships. Laffey has the same early war 1.1" gun fit, but her forward 20 mm gun tubs did not overhang the deck. 
A new decal sheet is included with even more signal flags printed on vinyl. A fresh crew of six new figures in different poses is included to man the ship. 

Price will be about the same as the current Buchanan kit and is available online through or