Building the Tamiya 1/350
Fletcher Class Destroyer
by Hague (Steven Spach)

Part 3
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Making flag bags in 1:350 scale.

This is a simple little way to make flag bags, which are not offered in many photoetch set and kits. These dimensions are for Fletcher class DD, though I believe many vessels used ones of similar size.

1. The first step is to make the cuts in .010 styrene strip, widths of .19 and .094 inches were cut with a square.
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2. A radius was bent for bottom of flag bag and the edge of .19 strip is glued to side of thinner strip. click to enlarge
3. I use double sided tape for holding small parts for gluing and such; here I add the opposite sidewall. click to enlarge
4. The back is added from a separate piece of  .19 strip, all gluing is done with tenax, which sets up very quickly so I was able to work through assembly in about 15 minutes. click to enlarge

5. Picture of both bags, one cleaned up a bit the other still fresh from glue stage,only thing left to do is add the tie-down bar.
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6. Finished flag bag except for little cleanup before paint, painting inside dark gray gives part the look of a bit more depth.
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 Tamiya 1/350 USS Fletcher Class DD (in the box review)

Coming soon, part 4

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