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The USS Livermore DD-429 is out!
Dragon 1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 Preview
Dragon Dragon Dragon The Warship revolution is coming
Dragon is releassing another Gleaves class destroyer. This one, the USS Livermore spent much of her time in the Atlantic and had a different fit than the Buchanan and Laffey. The fit is from the 1942 timeframe, specifically the Operation Torch landings that she helped support. The most notable differences are the two torpedo launchers and the canvas covered #3 5" gun mount. In the poster, the canvas covered mount looks a little simplistic. But I have samples of the actual parts and they have a canvas texture added to them for a most realistic appearance.

If you have been wanting to model early ships such as the USS Monssen, then this is the perfect starting point. The aft superstructure is all new and set up for 2 20 mm gun mounts. New hooded vents are provided to give your crew a little more protection from the high Atlantic seas. 
A new decal sheet is included with even more signal flags printed on vinyl. Six figures in different poses is included to man the ship. 

Price will be about the same as the current Buchanan kit and wll available online through or as well as your favorite hobby shop. MSRP will be $42.50 US.

More about this class of ship can be found on the forum here

This kit is now out. Read the full review here