Naval Works 1/700 USS Sims

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This is one of the original resin kits by Naval Works. It is now out of production, but can still be found in the closets of some modelers and on occasion on a dusty hobby shop shelf. Naval Works was one of the original resin kit producers and helped pave the way for those that we have today. 
The hull is pretty well cast considering it dates back to the beginnings of resin ship production. This ship is better cast then those Kobo-Hiryu resin kits that are available today. 
Superstructure parts are well molded. Shapes appear accurate, There is a minimum of details on the bulkheads so I would advise picking up a set of watertight doors and other miscellaneous details. I have several of these Sim's kits and some also come with one sprue from a Skywave E-6 weapons sprue. Two of the five inch turrets are cast in resin and the other two are to be taken from the above mentioned sprue. One example I have has all four guns molded in resin, with no weapons sprue, so I'm not sure which was standard..
Instructions are pretty basic with only a plan and elevation to go off of. There are only a few parts to the kit so it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out. Since Naval Works has long since disappeared there is no need to complain about better instructions in the future.
If you pick up one of these kits you will have to do a little research to finish it up. But it has all the makings for a great little addition for your fleet. Hopefully some day soon we will see another resin producer step up to the plate and offer an new Sims Destroyer, but until then if you see one of these kits snap it up.