Yankee Modelworks 1/350 USS Sims DD-409

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Sims was commissioned on August 1, 1939 at Bath, Maine. She operated in the Atlantic 

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, warships were urgently needed in the Pacific and Sims departed December 16, 1941 to join the task force formed around the USS Yorktown CV-5.  See her full DANFS entry here.

This Yankee Modelworks kit has been around for a while, it the old Classic Warships kit with some photo etch upgrades. It is still the best available in this scale. It depicts the USS Sims in 1942 at the time of her loss at the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The hull is cast in the waterline style with a separate lower hull. There is plenty of detail on both parts. The profile of the hull looks accurate and the deck rounding on the bow is done right. The various superstructure deckhouses and funnel trunking look good too. You will have to do some sanding to join the two sections for a full hull display. But good news they seem to line up nicely.
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The Bridge, and other parts are cast on a thin resin wafer. The casting is pretty good and the shapes are pretty accurate. 
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The wafer makes the parts look a little rough so I peeled it away from the edges so you could see the individual parts better.
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The various superstructure decks are separate so there will be few seems to fill. Both the foreword and aft decks have nice thin splinter shields cast on. The funnel is well done with a hollowed out top and vent piping molded on. 
The 5" gun mounts are cast in metal. One turret even has a simulated canvas top, correct for the Sims class from 42 on. The guns are cast with the mounting ring on the bottom. Some of the parts have excessive flash on them, others such as the life boats and davits look crisp and clean. A little cleanup with a file will be necessary on some of the parts, but the shapes appear accurate.
A photo etch fret supplies all the railings and other items such as radar's, bridge wing supports, and depth charge racks.
The instructions are six pages with a bill of materials, plans and elevation views, exploded views and camo sheets. Pretty good overall.

This kit was state of the art when it was first released. It is still a very good kit with lots of detailing possibilities. This is Kit #YKM-35012 with a list price of $130.00, not bad especially when you can find it for a lot less online. This is only one of the many USN destroyers produced by Yankee Modelworks see the whole line on their website.

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