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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Benham Class was a prewar design that improved upon the earlier Bagley class. They were armed with 4 5" guns, the two forward turrets in enclosed mounts, the aft two in open mounts. They also had sixteen torpedo's in four mounts two per side. This kit portrays the ship in it's early war fit. 
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The ships are well cast and it is easy to identify the class. There are three ships to a set, all identically cast in white metal. A simple instruction sheet describes the class. No assembly is required as the ship is one piece. The only thing I would want to add is a mast and a coat of paint.

While these ships are designed for wargamers, I find them useful to model and entire task group in a limited amount of room. This destroyer was the missing link in my collection of the ships of Task Group 67.4 and will be used to represent the USS Sterret.

This is GHQ Stock # USN79 with a list price of $7.75 available at your favorite hobby shop or direct from GHQ's via their website featuring online shopping.