USS Boxer CVS-21 and USS Laws DD-558
Underway Replenishment
Approaching the USS Boxer for Unrep
Close-up shots of the USS Boxer during UNREP

Note the ASW aircraft  in the starboard quarter photo are all Grumman S2F "Trackers" The Boxer underwent a conversion to ASW carrier and retained here old WW2 appearance.

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Note the placement of the ship's number on the  superstructure, also the quad 40 mm guns are still installed on the island.
The refueling hose is being passed across to the destroyer
Great close-up showing the details of the underside of the island. Note that the Boxer does not have the starboard gun sponsons found on the Hasegawa kit.
Here is the USS Boxer (CVS 21) after our destroyer (USS Laws) had just completed refueling from the carrier.
Photo's taken off the West coast in 1956 by Dale Haskin.

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