1/700 Independence Class Light Carrier

The Independence was the first of a new class of carriers converted from cruiser hulls, designed to fill the void in US Carrier production. At the beginning of World War II, it was recognized that US Fleet Carrier production was not going to be sufficient to meet the needs of the fleet. 
This kit is molded much like the USS Oakland that we reviewed last month. While the level of detail is a little on the light side, this kit captures the look and feel of a light Carrier. It is also the only kit on the market so there is nothing to compare it to. The Deck molding is crisp and includes raised panel lines. These shouldn't be a problem as they are very fine and should not be noticeable. The hanger deck walls are nicely molded as well and include quite a bit of molded in detail. The biggest shortcomings of this kit are the lack of an air wing. There are two aircraft included with this carrier. A poorly molded Devastator and a Panther, I doubt either of them ever operated from the deck of a CVL. Never fear though as White Ensign Models has all the aircraft you will need in their Airstrike 700 line. The hull is also molded in three pieces, making it necessary to do a little extra sanding and seam filling. Even so the finished hull scales out pretty close to the as built dimensions for this class of carrier deck sprueCVL-22 Hull
Included with this kit is a lower hull option, should you choose to build it as full hull. Also include is a molded base and nameplate. A nice touch should you be inclined to build full hull. My kit had very little flash on it and the parts fit together well. Add a Photo Etch set and you have the making for a great addition to your fleet. lower hull