Blue Ridge Models 1/700
USS United States CVA-58
Proposed Aircraft Carrier

Reviewed October 2016
by Timothy Dike
Shortly after World War Two President Truman approved the construction of several new super carriers.  The first was to be the USS United States CVA-58.  The ship was designed the launch jet aircraft many still in the design stage.  The super carrier would have been over 1000 feet long and displaced 83,000 tons at full load.  The flight deck would be armored and flat without an exposed island to interfere with flight ops.  The keel was actually laid down early in 1949 but was canceled just weeks after work began.  The Air Force had argued that its long range bombers should be the primary deterrent and the navy lost out in this case.

One can help but wonder what the navy would've done with this first super carrier design.  Instead more conventional designs such as the USS Forrestal CV-59 would become the first super carrier.

Blue Ridge Models has produced this kit of this unique design.  The kit comes well packed in collectors edition packaging and includes four aircraft types.

The ship is molded water line style with an opened up hangar deck and separate flight deck.  The casting is sharp and clean and and there are nicely cast roller doors that can be opened up to display the interior.  The flight deck is well cast the light coat of flash that won't be hard to remove.  There are four catapults cast on as well as four aircraft elevators.
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The elevators are all cast separately and it looks like they can be mounted raised or lowered.  There are several separate sponsons for mounting the guns and smokestack assemblies.  The bridge assemblies look rather plain by themselves, but skip down to the photo etch section and you will see that there's plenty of detail to be added.
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The kit includes single and twin 5 inch 54 caliber gun mounts as well as their directors.  These are nicely cast as are the other fittings and fixtures.
Brass barrels, CNC turned with hollowed out ends and nice tapering are provided to detail those 5" 54 cal gun houses.  They are turned with a nice mounting pins to facilitate mounting.
Three separate photo etch frets are provided for the fine details.

The first fret includes safety netting, railing, and catwalk platforms.  Relief etching is used to enhance the detail.

The second fret includes inclined ladders, elevator rigging, and various catwalks and platforms.

The third fret is from fstarmodels and provides the 20 MM gun details in single and twin mounts.
The decal sheet includes flight deck markings, two large number 58's, and aircraft markings.  These are sharp and well registered.
AJ Savage
Four aircraft types are included.  Three are experimental types that were proposed but never actually saw service and the fourth is the North American AJ Savage, the carrier based medium bomber designed to carry an atomic bomb.  Five are included, well cast with the light coat of flash to trim away.  The lines of the aircraft appear to closely match the prototype.  Separate prop hubs, and a dedicated photo etch fret are included detail out the aircraft.

These aircraft are also available separately as #BRM71029 1/700 Blue Ridge Models AJ Savage (5 pack) for $14.95.

Douglas 1186
Looking like something of a Buck Rodgers movie are the four Douglas 1186 fighter aircraft.  These aircraft or 82 peace prize in casting with PE tail plane and launching trolley to help it get Airborne.

These aircraft are also available separately as #BRM71031 1/700 Blue Ridge Models Douglas 1186 Aircraft (x4) for $14.95.

Another radical aircraft design for its time was the Grumman XF10F Jaguar.  Its experimental aircraft design could be considered the forerunner to the Grumman F14 tomcat.  It includes straight and swept wing options as well as PE details.

These aircraft are also available separately as #BRM71032 1/700 Blue Ridge Models Jaguar Aircraft swept or straight wing(x4) for 14.95.

XF5U Flying Flapjack

The XF5U flying flapjack is yet another experimental aircraft design it might have seen action on this proposed carrier.  Five aircraft are included well cast in resin the separate prop hubs.  A PE fret is included with propellers and landing gear.

These aircraft are also available separately as #BRM71030 1/700 Blue Ridge Models XF5U Flying Flapjack (5 pack) for $14.95.

The instructions are a twenty page full color booklet showing the assembly in fully rendered 3D views. They are very detailed and appear to leave nothing to the imaginaion. 
A very unusual and unique subject of what might have been. If your a fan of carrier technology and developement, this kit will allow you to model this never-was Attack Carrier.
These kits are available only at Freetime Hobbies as kit #BRM70027 1/700 Blue Ridge Models USS United States CVA-58 Resin Model Kit for $220.00 US. The first run sold out quickly so be sure to get your name on the list for the second run.