Converting the 1/700 Hasegawa Enterprise to the USS Wasp CV-7 by Don Joy 
Deck view of hull under construction. Making a deck is pretty simple: cut the shape from flat stock and scribe any markings you need into it. The Ranger deck above was done the same way. You can see thereís a joint, though you can pick up stock long enough to do it in one piece. My first attempt at the island is also visible. Click to
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Side view showing how the pieces from the Enterprise kit were used to fill in the side CV7_02
Port view of the side showing the flared section of the hull. The flared hull increased the hangar deck are and counter-balanced the island weight. I added a piece to the hangar deck to build it out to the right dimensions, then filled with Apoxy Sculp and sanded the flare to shape. CV7_03
Starboard side view at this stage of construction again with the first island.  CV7_04
View underneath showing where the hull was shortened.  Wasp is 82 feet shorter than Enterprise, which is 1.4 inches in 1/700 scale. Beam is only 2.1 feet difference, or .03 inches in 1/700. That is lose enough I decided not to replicate it. CV7_05
One more Port view to illustrate the hull flare again. CV7_06
The Island: I didnít like how it was shaping up using the kit pieces, so I decided to build it up. I found Evergreen the right height for a level and right width. Here are the pieces I collected from the kit plus the Evergreen. The stack is the red splotch. CV7_07
Basic island construction in the process of being filled. Gray bits are from the kit. CV7_08
Island with stack on the deck. CV7_09
Same stage of construction, top view. CV7_10
Inboard view of Island. Tomís Modelworks hatches added. Ladders from spares box.  CV7_11
Outboard view. CV7_12
The Wasp had a unique deck edge elevator. This was a feature I wanted to show on the model. CV7_13
Picture of the elevator. The finished island and all the small bits are in the box. CV7_14
Close up of finished Elevator with Dauntless. I used a couple of catapults to make the arms of the elevator, which are too thick. At this point, I just decided to go with it. CV7_15
Elevator mounted on the hull. CV7_16
Some final test fits while I was installing the railings. CV7_17
Test deck spot of the Spitfires. CV7_18
Another view of the test fit. Good view of the deck markings. CV7_19
Deck markings were laid out on the computer and printed on decal film. The while lines become clear on the decal, so the deck is painted that color. CV7_20
Finished model with Spitfire clearing the deck forward and one lifting off near the island.  CV7_21
Starboard view. You can see the life rafts, shipís boats, cranes all added. CV7_22
Port view, lower angle. CV7_23
Finished model with the Trumpeter Yorktown hull and deck  to show the difference in size between the two. CV7_24

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Updated 12/5/2014