Fujimi 1/700 USS Lexington CV-2

This kit almost falls into the Classic category as it has been around for quite a few years. Though it is now packaged as Sea Way Model, this is the same kit that Fujimi originally released over 20 years ago. At the time it was state of the art, and even today it still builds into a nice kit, with a little extra effort. Lexington Hull
The Lexington was built on a Battle Cruiser hull and included four turrets with twin 8" guns. The 8" guns were removed for shore defense in Hawaii in early 42. These were replaced with three quad 1.1 gun mounts, numerous 20mm guns were added as well. This is the configuration of the carrier as she appeared at the Battle of Coral Sea, were she was sunk. Superstructure parts
Though this kit is only 1/700 it is a monster ,it just barely fit on my scanner bed. At a prototype length of 888' this kit scales out at about 15-1/4" long, and with it's massive island superstructure it make an impressive looking ship. Fujimi did a good job of capturing the look and shape of the carrier as she appeared at the beginning of World War Two. The hull is molded well as are the and superstructure parts. The flight deck is molded with fine raised line representing the planking which should be fine in this small scale. I don't recommend scribing new lines unless you have lots of time on your hands.  Deck and misc parts
The secondary armament is a real disappointment though, the 5 inch guns are barely recognizable and should be replaced. I recommend the 5" 25 cal resin guns sold separately by Corsair Armada. The 20mm are passable, but I would replace these as well with those in the Skywave/Pitroad E9 weapons set or with some of the Photo-etch replacements available.
The Aircraft included are pretty nice and include the SBD dive bombers, F4 wildcats with fixed wings and separately molded wings that can be mounted in the folded position. The other aircraft included is the  TBM Avengers, which never served aboard the Lexington that I know of. A better choice would have been TBD Devastator torpedo bombers. If you wish to add these I recommend that you get some of the White Ensign Models Airstrike 700 resin cast TBD's.
Overall this is a good kit even for it's age, it's shortcomings are in the finer details The instructions are nicely done with a brief history of the Lexington, and line drawing of the ship on the first page. The exploded view is easy to read and more complex assemblies are well represented in auxiliary views where necessary. Overall this is a good kit even for it's age, it's shortcomings are in the finer details which are pretty easy to fix. Instructions page 1Instructions page 2

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