box art
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This is one of the Original Resin kits by Classic Warships. It is now out of production but sometimes shows up on E-bay and at local swap meets. So here's what's in the box:
The hull is pretty well cast with a fair amount of detail. The kit has quite a bit of excess resin at the base of the hull, but at least it's in an area where it is easy to remove.
Superstructure parts are pretty basic, but look accurate compared to drawings of the Detroit in 1945. These parts are cast on a resin base that is overly thick, but typical of early resin kits. The funnels, turrets and other parts are cast in metal and will need a little cleanup. You will need parts from a Skywave weapons set to supply the secondary weapons.
Instructions are very basic and only include a few notes and a plan and profile drawing.


All in all, this was a pretty nice kit in it's day. Early resin kit makes were just producing the basic parts to allow modelers to have a good starting point. If you find this kit online, don't bid too much as there a much better version of the Detroit still in production by Corsair Armada. But if you find it on sale somewhere it wouldn't be a bad acquisition if you are prepared to do a little work.