Cold War Series

The USS Virginia CGN-38 was the lead ship of a new class of nuclear powered guided missile cruisers. Together with sisterships Texas, Mississippi, and Arkansas, they were the largests nuclear cruisers build by the US Navy. Roughly the size of a WW2 cruiser these ships were based on the Charles F Adams class destroyer enlarged to accommodate the nuclear power plant. Originally classified guided missile frigates (DLGN), these ships served from the 70's to the 90's. 
Cyber-Hobby is part of the Dragon empire. A couple of years ago they brought us the Tokyo Bay Buchanan. They have resurfaced in the ship model world with this brand new 1/700 ship kit. Cyber-Hobbies is committed to offering detailed ships that are still affordable to modelers. This new 700 scale kit features the Virginia as she was during the 80's to the end of her career. 

Photos of test shot below. 

The kit will include a lower hull and display stand and can be built in the waterline style. It will include all newly tooled weapons and some basic photo etch. Price is not yet known. Stay tuned for more details.
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