Waveline 1/700 scale California Class
Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser

Reviewed by Jeff Hughes

The Waveline 1/700 scale California Class Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser depicts the class as they appeared in the later 80's early 90's before the ASROC launcher was removed, limiting their ASW capability.  Waveline is one of the many smaller resin 'companies' associated with PitRoad/Skywave and the quality of this kit is on scale with its injection molded cousins at PitRoad/Skywave.
The kit is cast in a light gray 'soft' resin, with many of the smaller parts being cast in white metal, and the remainder contained on a modern weapons sprue from PitRoad/Skywave.  Unlike the JAG kit of this same class  the superstructure is not molded on the hull.  The superstructure and stacks have no flash but do have a rather large resin sprue which will need to be ground off.  The detail on the resin parts is on par with injection molded kits from Skywave.  Click images
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A small section of resin parts, ships boats, radar's, CIWS platforms, misc. structure is cast in familiar resin style with plenty of wafer thin flash that looks easy to remove. .  The ship's boats are not as detailed as the ones contained in the JAG kit and will need some dressing up.
A modern weapons set is included with brass rod and plastic sheets to make up some small parts.
The parts made from white metal, SPG 51 missile illuminators, chaff launchers, Mk 13 missile launcher and life vest canisters are well cast but not quite as defined as their injection molder counter parts contained in the modern weapons sprue.  All the white metal parts contain no flash. 

The hull is one solid piece of resin.  The deck contains many fine details, the water break just forward of the Mk 13 Missile Launcher is so thin it is see through.  Another nice feature is the deck has a slight rough texture to it, which can be used to depict the modern anti skid texture applied to modern USN ships.  Of course it is way out of scale but adds a nice touch and I image after painting will only be noticed by fellow modelers.  Once again the helo pad lines are raised and should be sanded down so the decals will lay flat
Not usual for resin kits this kit comes with decals!  The kit comes with the lower half of PitRoad/Skywave's modern decal sheet.  Not only do you get 4 sets of hull numbers, names for the USS California and the USS South Carolina but for various other classes of USN modern ships.  Additionally, you get numerous warning strips, solid and dashed in 3 different colors and helo pad markings.  Plus other various items needed on modern warships to dress them up. You do not get warning circles for the missile launchers, ASROC or the 5" Mk 45 54 cal guns.
The instructions are only in Japanese.  Fortunately, the instructions are highly detailed.  They are very 'crowded' but should be easy to follow for the experienced builder.  Some scratch building will be required, as three small sections of sheet styrene is supplied as is brass rod.  The instructions detail what is to be scratch built using the supplied material but all dimensions are in metric.  Most of the world will have no problem with this but those of us in the US who don't own a metric ruler will have to do some math.  The last page of the instructions contain a very detailed drawing of the top and side view of the finished kit, which can be used to answer any questions as to the correct positioning of any part.
Overall I am impressed with this kit.  This kit could be built right out of the box, but at its price it deserves photo etch.  While no photo etch kit is specifically designed for this kit.  There are a few after market generic kits that will do the trick.

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