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Reviews are presented in three basic types:
  1. Preview; photos submitted by the manufacturer or dealer showing a new kit.
  2. In-Box; photos and/or scans showing most or all of the kit parts in the box.
  3. Full Build: photos and text showing the kit built up. These reviews can include in-process photos and may include aftermarket accessories.
Media is what the kit is made of, such as plastic, resin, metal, or wood. A multimedia kit may include some or all of the above.

Status is when the kit can be purchased. Some kits may be OOP, or Out Of Production. These kits can still be found on the various auction sites or in the modeling stash of some modelers.

Please note that we can not be experts on every single kit that is reviewed. That is why we include as many photos as is practical. Use the photos to see if a part looks right to you or not. A review marked "critial review" is one in which proper research has been done and accuracy has been addressed. If you have a comment or question about a review, please use the forum to ask it.

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