Academy 1/700
USS Missouri BB-63

Reviewed August 2017
by Timothy Dike
The USS Missouri is one of the best known US Navy warships of all time. One of four Iowa Class fast battleships she was one of the most powerful battleships of all time. Her 9 16" 50 cal guns fired 2700 lbs armor piercing rounds out to a range of about 21 miles. While they were slightly smaller than those of the Japanese Yamato class they were more accurate and were backed up by state of the art fire control radar. The Missouri was a sleek warship with the speed and range to keep pace with the Aircraft Carriers then roaming the Pacific. She was a floating anti aircraft battery with of 10 twin 5 inch 38 cal twin dual purpose gun mounts, 16 40 mm quad, and 49 20 mm anti aircraft guns these ships were an effective defense to any air attack. The dreaded Kamikaze was not much of a threat to her, in fact the the one that was able to penetrate her anti aircraft ring did only superficial damage to the ship, never even slowing her down.

The Missouri entered service in 1944 and missed out on much of the heavy action during the war. But she was there in the end, being chosen as the place where the formal surrender ceremonies were signed ending the war. The Missouri was later modernized and went on to fight in several later wars. She was finally deactivated and now serves as a floating museum next to the remains of the sunken Arizona. Together they symbolize the Alpha and the Omega of World War Two.

Academy has released their newly tooled USS Missouri in her WW2 fit. Lets take a look at what's in the box:

The hull is molded in three pieces, the upper hull molded in gray styrene, the lower hull, and the lower bow molded in red.  The molding is crisp and sharp and the three pieces fit together remarkably well. Click to
enlarge image
The propeller shafts and rudders are nicely molded in matching red styrene plastic.
The 5 inch 38 caliber secondary turrets are molded as a single part complete with barrels.  Slide molding is used to get good detailing on the front surfaces.
The main superstructure and bridge assemblies are also nicely molded.  Some modelers might appreciate the way the fore mast is molded with part of the conning tower assembly.  Funnel caps are also well done with nice grate and piping details.
The main decks are molded in three pieces featuring nice planking detail. Also on the sprue are the turret tops for the 16 inch main guns.  They are smartly engineered allowing for a good fit with minimal seams to fill on the molded-on sighting hoods.
This sprue contains the main gun turret bodies, float planes, various platforms, main and secondary gun directors and propellers just to name a few items.  Detailing is pretty good overall.
The light weapons sprues have a nicely molded quad 40's.  The barrels of which are very thin.  Searchlights and life rafts are also on the sprue and nicely done for 700 scale.
The display stand is molded in black with a spot for the name plate decal. 
A dedicated photo its fret is included to add finer details.  New handrails are custom cut to fit the various superstructure parts.  New radar and various antenna are also included.
One of the coolest features of this kit is the precut painting mask for the deck.  The image doesn't show very well but the mask is cut to fit the various deck details and all one has to do is peel and stick them in place.  This nice touch will save the model are a lot of time.
The decals are provided with hull numbers, flags, aircraft insignia, and boot topping.  The latter a nice touch.
The instructions are 20 pages with very well drawn assembly and subassembly views.  Separate full color try fold sheets describe the painting mask locations and the photo etch assembly and locations.
At first glance one might think this is an oversimplified kit.  But closer examination reveals abundant detail and smartly engineered parts.  This kit has all the makings for really fun build.

This is kit #14222 Academy 1/700 USS Missouri BB-63 with a retail price of $35.00 US

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