MidShip Models 1/700 USS Oklahoma BB-37 1941

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Oklahoma was the only other Nevada class battleship built. She was a 27,500 ton battleship with  her ten 14" guns distributed in two triple turrets and two twin turrets.  She was commissioned in May 1916 and joined up with her sister ship to protects European bound convoys during world war two.

Oklahoma was modernised in the late 20's and emerged with a fit nearly identical to sistership Nevada. Oklahoma was eventually assinged to the Pacific Fleet and was ther moored outboard of Maryland when the Japanese attacked on December 7th. She was one of the first causulaties when the bombs started to fall taking three torpedos right off the bat. With most of her watertight doors open, flooding was uncrontrolable and the ship imeadiately started listing to port. Even as she was sinking two more torpedos struct sealing her fate and she rolled over into the mud of the harbor. Many of those who were able to escape clammered up onto the Maryland and helped man the anti aircraft guns. Unfortunately many were trapped below decks and over 400 men lost their lives aboard  the Oklahoma that day.

The ship was eventually salvaged, but the damage was so extensive that she was stripped of useful gear and decommissioning 1 September 1944. She was sold for salvaging and was to be towed to San Francisco, but the tow line parted and she sank May 47 while 540 miles out. 

Oklahoma received 1 battle star for World War II service. 

This new kit from Midship is actually the old Classic Warships kit. New molds have been made from the master and new parts have been added. The kit depicts the ship during 1941 and is perfect for Dec 7th.

The hull is nicely cast with lots of surface detailing. Casting is pretty good on this ship with only minor cleanup needed. The distinct lines of the ship are well done and the old deck level casements are cleanly cast. The kit features nice bow detailing with cast on anchor chain and pronounced hawse pipes. The deck features nice wood planking and there is a gutter that runs along the perimeter that will be helpful when you apply the photo etch railings.
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This is the same hull as used on the Midship Nevada
The rest of the superstructure and the fighting tops are cast on resin wafers. Casting quality is pretty good with some flat sanding needed to completely remove the excess resin. But the other parts are well done although a little lacking in wall details such as doors and portholes.
This kit shares a lot of common part with the Nevada with only one platform as indicated on the instructions being different. 
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Main guns are well done with resin cast gun barrels. Note the gun barrels while individually cast elevated as a set so keep that in mind when building your ship. The 5" 25 cal guns are the same as those used in many of the old Classic Warships kits and current Midship kits and while they are well cast they are not correctly shaped. They are probably good enough for most modelers but you might consider replacing them with Corsair Armada versions. 
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Three  of the larger whale boats and two covered launches are provided cast in resin. Detail is pretty good and these will just need the casting gate removed from the stern and some minor cleanup.
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This kit features two of the MidShip standard weapons sprues to supply the small weapons and fittings. The rafts are molded in two styles and are both nicely done.   This will supply the small weapons as well as give you a bunch of extra spare parts you can use for other projects.
There are a number of parts that are supplied cast in white metal. These include the cranes, main and secondary gun directors. There are also  two Kingfisher float planes and some 3" guns. These are pretty good with a little flash that needs to be cleaned up.
A photo etch fret is supplied to add the fine details to this kit. These include nice aircraft catapults, and cranes. Inclined ladders and lots of railings are provided. These parts are relief etched to help give them a 3D appearance. This is a complete fret and really enhances this kit.
There is also a length of plastic and brass rod included to fabricate the tripod legs for the fighting tops.
The decal sheet is a real treat and includes flags and pennants as well as both prewar and early and late war hull numbers. These are printed by Microscale and are typical of the high quality decals they usually produce. They are nicely registered and sharp.
The instructions are eight pages with a bill of materials, subassembly views and exploded views. 
This kit is one of the best Midship resin kits on the market. It was very good when Classic Warships first released it and Midship made it even better with photo etch and other new parts. This kit and the the sister ship Nevada are your best bet for a full Pearl Harbor battle line. This one has a list price is $100 US. But I found it for $75 online. A good price when you consider the complete photo etch, sharp decals, extra weapons sprues, and an overall well cast kit. These kits are available now at Pacific Front and Freetime Hobbies

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