GHQ 1/2400
USS Oklahoma
box art
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This kit is designed for the war gamer but offers some interesting diorama possibilities for the modeler. At 1/2400 scale you can model the entire Battleship Row on a book shelf.

The kit is consists of a cast metal hull with separate superstructure parts and gun turrets. There is a surprising amount of parts for a ship that measures only 3" inches long. This kit has the majority of the detail cast on the deck. It even includes cast on deck planking which while not to scale will look good if you go with the wood painted decks.

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The forward tripod mast is cast into the superstructure. The aft one is cast on a metal block that makes up part of the aft superstructure. GHQ typically includes a few spare parts for the smaller items in case any are damaged. None were on my sample so these will go into the spare parts box. The aircraft cranes include SOC Float planes cast on.

A simple instruction sheet shows you were the parts attach.

This is GHQ Stock # USN33 with a list price of $11.95 available at your favorite hobby shop or direct from GHQ's via their website featuring online shopping.