Dodo Models 1/700 HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen Frigate F310 
Reviewed January 2016
by Ayala Botto
The real ship:
HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen F310 Frigate is the lead ship of the Fridtjof Nansen class warships built for the Royal Norwegian Navy by Navantia, Ferrol (Spain), that also built similar ships for the Spanish Navy (Álvaro de Bázan Class Frigates or F100 class Frigates). With a displacement of 5.290 tons, length of 134m, beam of 16,8m, Draft of 4,6m and maximum speed of 26knots, this ship has range of 4.500nm at 16Knots. The ship has a crew of 120 (maximum of 145) and can accommodate one ASW helicopter. All ships of this class are named after famous Norwegian explorers, namely:
HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen F310
HNoMS Roald Amundsen F311
HNoMS Otto Sverdrup F312
HNoMS Helge Ingstad F313
HNoMS Thor Heyerdahl F314

Although all ships of this class share similar armament, at least the last two ships of this class are equipped with 16-Cell Mk41 VLS rather than the 8-cell Mk 41 VLS in addition to:

  • Naval Strike Missile SSMs – 8x
  • 76 mm OTO Melara Super Rapid gun – 1x
  • Torpedo tubes for Sting Ray torpedoes – 4x
  • Depth charges
  • 12.7 mm Browning M2HB HMG Sea Protector – 4x
  • LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device – 2x
In addition to this list, recent photos shows two M2HB HMG Sea Protector RWS (Remote Weapon System) mounted on top of the bridge.

More information:

The kit includes:
  • Single piece waterline resin hull;
  • Sprues with all resin parts (3x);
  • Complete PE set;
  • Resin NH-90 Helicopter with PE parts;
  • Decal sheet for the lead ship of this class;
  • Instruction sheet.
  • COA – Certificate of Authenticity
This kit is cast as a single piece waterline resin hull, with excellent and complete moulded details in a very smooth surface that includes the VLS 8-cells, air vents, Hangar door, watertight doors, among others accurately represented details.

Although almost perfect the hull requires minor corrections (the bottom of hull need some sanding), but nothing really serious.

The tie-downs and haul-down device are also represented creating a very realist and accurate helo-deck.

FridtjofNansen07 FridtjofNansen08 FridtjofNansen09
FridtjofNansen10 FridtjofNansen11 FridtjofNansen12
Photo Etch:
The photo etch set is very complete and includes the following items:
  • S-band navigation radar;
  • Highly detailed parts for the main mast (mast yards included among many other details);
  • MK81 AN/SPG-62 gun director;
  • AN/SPY-1F AEGIS Radar;
  • Browning M2 (4x);
  • NH90 Helicopter rotor blades;
  • Cradle for the liferafts;
  • Cradle for the RHIB
  • Handling cranes to load and recover the RHIB and Boat;
  • Whip antennas (6x);
  • Highly Detailed Naval Strike missile platforms (2x);
  • MK 36 SRBOC chaff;
  • Safety nets;
  • Railings;
  • Vertical Ladders;
  • Anchor; 
  • etc;
The PE parts for the NH-90 helicopter includes the main and tail rotor blades and landing gear as well as the tail horizontal stabilizer and the wire strike protection system (part 28), designed to mitigate the risk of wire strikes.
Resin Parts:
The resin sprues for the remaining parts to be applied on the hull, which include among others:
  • Detailed Mast;
  • OTO Melara 76/62 mm gun (1x);
  • Naval Strike Missile SSMs (8x);
  • SAT Domes (5x);Gun Directors (2x);
  • Two different cranes for RHIBs
  • RHIB’s (2x);
  • Life Canisters ;
  • Etc.
As for the resin NH-90 helicopter, the quality is indeed very good and all details are nicely moulded.
Dodo Models provides a sharply rendered decal sheet (hull numbers, helo deck markings and flag) allowing the modellers to build the first ship of the class (Fridtjof Nansen F310). Although the location of the decals is not mentioned on the instruction sheet, I’m pretty sure that won’t be a problem for the modeller as a lot of photos of all ships of this class are available on the WEB.

If decals of other ships are included will be really great.

The instruction sheet included is very simple and clear, providing an easy and systematic approach to build this model. FridtjofNansen01
FridtjofNansen02 FridtjofNansen03 FridtjofNansen04 FridtjofNansen05
Painting Scheme:
Although no specific colours reference are mentioned in the instructions sheet, I can suggest Vallejo Model Colour 153 Pale Grey Blue for the hull and other “vertical” surfaces, deckhouses, masts, funnel, etc.

As for the decks, the Vallejo 163 Model Colour Dark Sea Green or the Vallejo 160 Neutral Grey could be a good option.

Regarding the helicopter deck, Vallejo 166 Dark Grey is good option as well.


I was rather curious about this model, because it was the first kit from Dodo Models on my “shipyard”, but the general quality of this kit surpassed my best expectations.

This kit has a stunning and superior casting quality, with a sharply rendered decal sheet, that together with a high detailed and complete PE set, provides a fantastic chance to all modellers to represent a very realist, accurate and impressive model at this scale.

Dodo Models managed to meet the needs of the navy modellers looking for modern warships that are not usually available at 1/700 scale, and that might effectively contribute to the sales success of this kit among our community.