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White Ensign 1/350 IJN Yamato/Musashi

"Ultimate Set" #3528

White Ensign and Peter Hall does it again, this time with a remarkable PE set for the venerable old 1/350 Tamiya veterans, Yamato and Musashi. The set comes on 2 frets, one .007 brass for the heavier parts, the other .005. Details are sharp, and the relief etching is very impressive. The best way to describe this set is 'ultimate', and I strongly recommend that you have some experience with photo-etched brass before diving into this one headlong. That being said, this set will easily take your Yamato or Musashi kit to the next level. Suggested retail price for this set is $41 US, which is less expensive than buying a standard PE set and the additional superdetailing set. Also, when you consider the sheer number of parts, and the amount of time required to add all of these details, it's well worth the price.

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This set is's a list of what's included on these 2 frets:


Aircraft Catapult Assembly Hawse Pipe Covers 46cm Gun Barrel Platform Rails
Aircraft Catapult Turntable Medium Watertight Deck Hatches Main 46cm Turret Top Handrails
Aircraft Handling Trolleys Standard Watertight Doors Superstructure Side Small Vent Grills
Handling Trolley Dolley Cable Reels 'A' 15.5cm Turret Heat Protection Strips
Catapult Launch Cradle (Jake) Foretop Director Arm Strengthening Bars Vertical Ladders
Catapult Launch Cradle (Pete) Cable Reels 'B' Cable Reels 'D'
25mm Triple Gun Tub Footplates Type 21 Go Dentan Kai Radar Antennas Large Deck Access Hatches
Funnel Searchlight Platform Walkway Forward 15.5cm Barbette Deck Vent Grills Large Deck Access Hatches (Open)
Funnel Cap Grills Forward 15.5cm Barbette Vent Grills Bridge Windows
'Ten Ichigo' Funnel Emblems Vent Cowl Grills for Forward Superstructure 7mm Inclined Ladder with Handrail
Main 46cm Gun Turret Doors Funnel Searchlight Platform Walkway Railing 8mm Inclined Ladder with Handrail
15.5cm Gun Barbette Riveted Seams Watertight Doors Closed (With escape hatch) 9mm Inclined Ladder with Handrail
Main Crane Hook Watertight Doors Open ( With escape hatch) Main 46cm Turret Sight Lens
Main Crane Kingpost Assembly Main 46cm Turret Rear Door Step &Canopy Ammunition Box Covers
Spar Antenna 15.5cm Turret 2 Bar Chain Link Safety Rails 46cm Gun Barrel Lattices
15.5cm Turret Sliding Door 2 Bar Solid Safety Rails Large Superstructure Side Vent Grills
light Deck Track Turntables Single Bar Walkway Handrails Sounding Platforms
Main Crane Jib Assembly Single Bar Low Handrails Yardarm Antennas
Flight Deck Sponson Grills 2 Bar Chain Rails for deck Undulation Aircraft Catapult Mechanism
Spar Antenna Tripods Main Crane Rigging (Right) Type 13 Go Radar Antennas
Flight Deck Track Sections Vent Grills for Aft 15.5cm Barbette Small Access Doors
Flight Deck Overhang Supports (Large) Vent Grills for 12.7cm Aft Barbettes Type 21 Go Dentan Kai Radar Supports
Flight Deck Overhang Supports (Small) Vent Grills for Aft Director Tower Forward Superstructure Vent Grills
Small Hatches Vent Grill for Aft Funnel Trunking Forward 15.5cm Barbette Deck Vent Grills
Skylight Hatches Foc's'le Vent Box Grills & Flaps Single 25mm AA Gun Base Plates
Aft Deck Vent Grills Life Ring and Stowage Rack Cable Reel 'E'
Cable Reel 'F Triple 25mm AA Enclosed Turret Door & Rails Leadsmans Platforms & Rail
Large Deck Access Hatch (Closed) Aircraft Parts (Jake) Cable Reels 'C'
Searchlight Platform Footplates Aft Director Walkway Rails Aft Director Walkways
Twin 13mm Machine Gun Mountings Searchlight Lens Crosses 46cm Outer Gun Barrel Footplates
Aircraft Parts (Pete) Single 25mm AA Gun Sights & Brace 12.7cm Triple Open Mounting Fittings
Anemometer Fittings Triple 25mm Open Mounting Fittings Forward Director Tower DF Antenna
5.5cm Turret Top Handrails 15.5cm Gun Blast Bag Restrainer Rails 12.7cm Triple Enclosed Turret Railings
12.7cm Gun Barrel Shutters Foretop Director Walkway Foretop Director Walkway Handrail
Main Crane Rigging (Left)
Thank you to White Ensign Models for providing this sample for review.

Reviewed by Jeff Herne

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