1/700 Aircraft set #1
by White Ensign Models
The WEM Airstrike 700 line is quite extensive and as nice as some of those aircraft are, they could still benefit from a good PE set. Well this has just about everything except the kitchen sink! You should be able to find detail parts for the virtually any WEM aircraft as well as some of the plastic molded ones included in most aircraft carrier kits.

Included in this set:

  • Four bladed props & single oleo undercarriage legs
  • Three bladed props
  • Five bladed props
  • Scariff rings
  • Single bar arrester hooks
  • Fighter and medium bomber undercarriage doors
  • Harrier undercarriage
  • Albacore undercarriage
  • Jet nose wheel
  • Pintle mounted machine guns
  • "V" arrester hooks
  • Large spatted undercarriage for Ju-52, SM-81
  • Heavy bomber undercarriage and doors
  • Seaplane float struts
  • Sunderland wingtip float struts
  • Twin machine gun barrels for quad rea turrets
  • Twin machine gun barrels for twin turrets
  • Biplane cabane struts
  • "Z" interplane struts
  • Small spatted undercarriage for Stuka
  • Swordfish/Walrus type undercarriage
  • Early biplane fighter undercarriage
  • "V" interplane struts
  • Rocket rails or misc. pipes
The one thing missing with this set, is it's lack of detailed instructions. It would be nice to see placement diagrams for some of the items listed above. But this is still a great set with more than enough parts to detail out an air wings. 

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