by Sean Hert

Superior technology gave the USN an edge during WW2, and White Ensign's new set of 1/700 USN radars provides the modeler with superior options for radar details. Every major type of radar is represented here so you can equip a ship with everything from SA radar to the latest SK-2 dish. Over 20 different radar antennas are included, many with relief etched detail.


Included on this fret are the following radars;
  • CXAM
  • CXAM-1
  • SK
  • SK-2
  • SA
  • SC
  • SR
  • SC2/SC4
  • SM/SM-1
  • SP
  • MK25
  • MK3
  • MK8
  • MK27
  • MK22
  • TDY
  • SG
  • MK4/MK12

The fret includes multiples of the more common antennas, namely the Mk4/12's needed atop your Mk37 directors.

To check things out, I assembled the CXAM. It went together without any trouble; my lack of familiarity with / ham handed approach to 1/700 photoetch was another story!


Two double-sided sheets of instruction are included, with WEM's standard "General Instructions for working with Photo Etched Metal."

The individual radar steps include not only assembly information, but guidance on subjects and appropriate time periods, as well as some history. Many of the steps are virtually identical to the 1/350 set.

Another great set from White Ensign Models. As most 1/700 models don't include PE details, these fine radars are a welcome addition. Priced at USD$5.00 from WEM.