Reviewed by Timothy Dike and Sean Hert
Trumpeter released the Slava class (Project 1164) kits about a year ago, and new White Ensign Models photoetch fret is a welcome addition to these kits. This class-specific fret has everything you need to customize the sensor suite and add that "busy" level of detail we all look for on these Cold War era cruisers.
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The fret contains a variety of details from railings to watertight doors, sensors and lattices. The railings include angled railings for the foc'sle, as well as 3- and 2-bar railings appropriate for different levels of the superstructure. Also included is the railings and walkways for the SS-N-12 SANDBOX (P-500 Bazalt) SSM launchers.

The multiple sensors included allow any of the 4 ships to be fitted with photoetched radars; both TOP STEER and TOP PLATE radars have been included, as well as various other antenna; communications, DF, and others.

Close ups of the fret details
I particularly like the accomodations ladder, and the option for a deployed version. The AK-130 details will really accentuate the guns. Also the anchor chain is a nice touch, and will be a vast improvement over the molded-on details.

The flight deck details with certainly spruce up such an obvious part of the ship. White Ensign has also thoughfully provided some upgrade parts for the KA-27 ASW helicopter.

The instructions are 5 pages of detailed drawings showing the various subassemblies, with a nice index on the front page. The instructions are clear about how the PE assemblies interact with their kit plastic counterparts. Page 2 covers the different radar options, depending on which ship is being built.
Another fine set from White Ensign Models. I've always like White Ensign's clear and easy to read instructions, and I like how they spell out which railings go where- the railings and walkways for the missile tubes are a really nice touch! This fret is #775 and priced at USD$21.40