by Sean Hert

The Trumpeter Udaloy, released in 2007 is a fine kit, and WEM has a fine PE set to turn this kit into something great.

Consisting of 2 PE sheets, the deail set has close to 100 parts for the Admiral Panteleyev or Sevromorsk kits. Much of the set concerns the lattice mast and platforms, which make up an Udaloy's distinctive shiloutte.



This fret is predominantly made up by the fore- and main mast assemblies. There are replacement blades for the Ka-27 in both folded/stowed and extended configurations, as well as details for the helo flight deck; nets and railings.

For placement atop the mainmast, the MR-760MA Fregat-MA/Top Plate 3-D radar is also included. This fret is rounded out with some watertight doros and inclined ladders.


Part B is mostly railings, with more railings thrown in. The different platforms for the masts are finely etched and included here, and yardarms as well . There are also many other details included; MR-360 Podkat/Cross Sword antennas, various ESM antennas, KA-27 helicopter interiors, and ignition wires for the RBU-6000 ASW mortars. There are no detail parts for the AK-100 turrets, something I would have liked to have seen.


Three sheets of instructions are included, totalling 5 pages of instructions. These instructions include numbered silhouettes of the etched frets identifing all the parts.

Most of the instructions steps deal with assembling the intricate lattice masts, yardarms and platforms, with a few concerning the radar antennas and dipoles. Curiously, these instructions do not include WEM's usual "Other Instructions", covering the railings, watertight doors, etc.

UPDATE: WEM is aware of the missing section, and has corrected this in later packaging. Anyone who received a 1/350 Udaloy PE set with only 5 pages of instructions, e-mail WEM and they'll get the full set right out to you.

I have added the missing pages to the review here.

Another fine set from White Ensign Models.

Priced at 34.00, or around $60.00, WEM has another Soviet/Russian navy winner. Get ready WEM, Trumpeter's 1/350 Kirov and Udaloy II are coming soon!