White Ensign Models Review
reviewed by Timothy Dike
The new 1/350 aircraft sets from Trumpeter have some really amazing detailing for plastic. As nice as it is, it can always be better. One way to add more detail is to use this set from White Ensign Models to add new flaps, weapons hardpoints, and a scale size ejection seat.
The set is relief etched and you can even make out the instruments panels and control stick. The ejection seats feature relief etching and have the folding points relief etched. The seats are designed to work in conjunction with parts of the plastic seats. New landing gear and doors are included that are much thinner than the kit supplied parts. Flaps and weapons hardpoints will really make your Phantoms stand out. Now you can have scale appearing sidewinder rails for your airwing! click images
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Close up view of the aircraft details
The instructions are well written and well illustrated. They show the various parts and how they assemble and work with the kit parts.

Conclusions: This is an excellent photo etch set for the die hard 1/350 aircraft modeler. You may go insane trying to apply the little details, but if you plan on showing your aircraft with the canopy open, then you really need to get this set. I like the fact that this set is sold by itself, now you can order the exact amount of sets to match the aircraft you plan to build and not worry about extra parts that you may never use.

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