by Sean Hert

White Ensign's photo etch detail set for the Hasegawa 1/350 Nagato class battleships (Nagato and Mutsu) consists of 2 sheets of finely etched brass. Sheet A, a 1/2 sheet, has almost 100 different items, and Sheet B, a full sheet, also has slightly less than 100 items- giving the modeller around 200 different items to upgrade their battleship. Some of the parts are specific to Nagato or Mutsu, or are variant options (early, post 1937) of preexisting details. With the incredible amount of structures and details on a Japanese battleship, a set like this is really necessary to truly capture the look and feel of these towering, pagoda-like, queens of the sea.


Sheet A has most of the railings needed for the ship, as well as the ladders, inclined ladders, footropes, etc. The nameplates for both Mutsu and Nagato in Hiragana characters, and some ships specific antennas.

Sheet A
  1. Railings - Bow Sections
  2. Railings - Forward Sections
  3. Railings - From No2 Barbette Aft
  4. Railings - Parts L8 & L9
  5. Railings - Midships Main Deck
  6. Railings - Catapult Deck
  7. Railings - Sides of Part J4
  8. Railings - Lookouts Parts S19
  9. Railings - Port Main Deck Step Aft
  10. Railings - Stbd Main Deck Step Aft
  11. Railings - Platform S11
  12. Railings - Port Quarterdeck
  13. Railings - Stbd Quarterdeck
  14. Railings - Bridge Roof
  15. Railings - Aircraft Crane Sponson
  16. Railings - Part J11
  17. Railings - Searchlight Platform Catwalk
  18. Railings - Mid-Boat Deck Aft Part K3
  19. Railings - Bridge Side Roofs J12
  20. Railings - Parts R11 & R12
  21. Railings - Part R6
  22. Railings - Part R3
  23. Leadsmansí Platforms
  24. Lookout Platforms Aft Corners Part J13
  25. 25mm Single Gun Sights
  1. Railings - Maintop Platform
  2. Railings - Upper Searchlight Platforms
  3. Railings - Aft Director Parts AF50 &51
  4. Railings - Searchlight Platforms
  5. Railings - Aft of Part J1
  6. Railings - Platform K17
  7. Railings - No1 Turret
  8. Railings - No4 Turret
  9. Railings - No2 Turret
  10. Railings - No3 Turret
  11. Generic Slack Chain Railing Type 1
  12. Generic Slack Chain Railing Type 2
  13. Funnel Top Hand Rail
  14. Capstan Brake Wheels
  15. Funnel Front Catwalk
  16. Funnel Side Catwalks
  17. Aircraft Crane Hook Assembly
  18. Aircraft Crane Rigging
  19. Foretop Antenna Array Part J11
  20. Tripod Antennas Bulwark Part J9
  21. Lookout Platforms Q23
  22. Ladder Landing Part J12
  23. Barbette Upper Handrails
  24. Barbette Lower Handrails
  25. Stern Platform
  1. Inclined Ladders for Part J1
  2. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q6
  3. Inclined Ladders for Parts J9
  4. Inclined Ladder vie Part Q11
  5. Inclined Ladder for Part R6
  6. Inclined Laddesr for Parts S27 & S28
  7. Inclined Ladders vie parts Q7
  8. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q1
  9. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q9
  10. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q2
  11. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q10
  12. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q12
  13. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q3
  14. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q13
  15. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q4
  16. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q14
  17. Inclined Ladders vie Parts Q5
  18. Inclined Ladders--Funnel Catwalks
  19. Type 21 'Go' Dentan Kai Radar Antenna
  20. Type 13 'Go' Air Warning Radar Antenna
  21. Small Pole Antenna Platforms
  22. Foretop Director AE27 Hand Rail
  23. Gun Barrel Sighting Platforms
  24. E8N 'Dave' Sea Plane Parts
  25. Gun Barrel Sighting Platform Supports
  1. Foretop Antenna Mast ( Nagato)
  2. Foretop Anemometer (Nagato)
  3. Foretop DF Antenna (Nagato)
  4. Foretop DF Antenna (Mutsu)
  5. Foretop Antenna Mast (Mutsu)
  6. Foretop Tripod Antenna (Mutsu)
  7. Small Davit Rigging Blocks
  8. Catwalk K4 & K5 Railing & Support
  9. Catwalks vie Parts K4 & K5
  10. Yardarm Footropes Part J11
  11. Lattice Support & Fittings for Part K14
  12. Hiragana Name Plates for Mutsu Stern
  13. Hiragana Name Plates for Nagato Stern
  14. Narrow Vertical Ladder Stock
  15. Wide Vertical Ladder Stock
  16. Yardarm Footropes Part J14
  17. Railing for Yardarms Part J14
  18. Life Buoy Racks
  19. Railings Sides of Part J14
  20. Aircraft Catapult Mechanism
  21. Main Gun Turret Rangefinder Lens
  22. Turret Top Antennas
  23. 12.7cm Gun Mounting Details
  24. Maintopmast Yardarm Footropes


Sheet B, the larger of the 2 sheets in the Nagato upgrade set, has many of the larger PE structures in the set. This sheet has a multitude of platforms, more antenna and some more esoteric items, such as timber racks and blast bag access platforms for the main guns. Many of the items you expect to see are here as well, AA platfroms and gun tubs, cradles and awnings to detail the ship's boats, and many replacemnet parts for the mainmast, catapult and floatplane.

Sheet B
  1. Searchlight Platform Gantry vie Parts S27 & S28
  2. Searchlight Platform Gantry vie Parts S2 & S3
  3. Searchlight Platform Gantry Fwd End Panels
  4. Searchlight Platform Gantry Aft End Panels
  5. Searchlight Platform Gantry Upper Deck
  6. Searchlight Platform Gantry Inner Platforms
  7. Searchlight Platform Gantry Lower Deck
  8. Searchlight Platform Gantry Director House
  9. Gun Platform Forward Cross Bracing
  10. Gun Platform Aft Cross Bracing Parts Q31
  11. Wire Antenna Spreaders Part J14
  12. Searchlight Platform Gantry Catwalk Supports
  13. Seaplane Catapult Assembly
  14. Seaplane Catapult Turntable
  15. Seaplane Deck Trolley Rails
  16. Seaplane Deck Turntables
  17. Support Frame vie Part R21
  18. Upper Searchlight Platform Link Catwalk
  19. Seaplane Launch Cradles
  20. Upper Searchlight Platform Assemblies
  21. Catwalks for Director House Parts S18 & S19
  22. Railings for Catwalks 120
  23. Main Boat Crane Mast Pulley Blocks
  24. Main Boat Crane Hook & Jib Pulley Blocks
  25. Pulley Block Spacers
  26. Director Platforms vie Parts Q22
  27. Wire Antenna Spreader for Part R19
  28. Mainmast Starfish Aft Supports vie Parts Q17
  1. Mainmast Platform Supports vie Parts Q18
  2. Mainmast Starfish vie Part R13
  3. Main Turret Barbette Platforms
  4. Mainmast Tripod Platform for Part M14
  5. Mainmast Starfish Fwd Supports vie Parts Q26
  6. Funnel Cap Grilles
  7. Timber Racks for Parts Q51
  8. Main Gun Blast Bag Access Platforms
  9. Seaplane Handling Trolleys
  10. Sea Boat Davit Assemblies
  11. Aircraft Crane Jib vie Parts L2 & L3
  12. Bridge Windows vie Parts T10
  13. Bridge Windows vie Part T6
  14. Bridge Windows vie Part T1
  15. Bridge Windows vie Part T2
  16. Bridge Windows vie Part T11
  17. AA Gun Platforms for Turrets 2 and 3 (1944)
  18. Boat Boom Ladders
  19. Lookout Platforms Side Bulwark Part K1
  20. 17m Torpedo Boat Cradles
  21. 11m Motor Boat Cradles
  22. 6m Sampan Cradles
  23. 9m Cutter Cradles
  24. 12m Launch Cradles
  25. Small Boat Anchors
  26. Timber Rack Platform Part S22
  27. Timber Rack Part S22
  28. Paravane Parts
  1. Forward Accommodation Ladder Handrails
  2. Forward Accommodation Ladder Steps
  3. Stream Anchors
  4. Foretop Director Voice Pipe
  5. 6m Sampan Fittings
  6. Hawse Pipe Grilles
  7. Railings and Wire Antenna Poles Aft Part J12
  8. Accommodation Ladder Support Arch
  9. Aft Accommodation Ladder Handrails
  10. Accommodation Ladder Davits
  11. Aft Accommodation Ladder Steps
  12. Forward Turret Antenna (Early)
  13. Forward Turret Antenna (1937>)
  14. Aft Turret Antenna
  15. 9m Cutter Thwarts and Fittings
  16. 11m Motor Boat Fittings
  17. 12m Launch Fittings
  18. AA Gun Tub Stern Pair Twins
  19. 17m Torpedo Boat Fittings
  20. 25mm Twin & Triple Mounting Details
  21. AA Gun Tubs Forward Tripled Singles
  22. AA Gun Tubs Aft Tripled Singles
  23. AA Gun Tub Bow Paired Singles
  24. AA Gun Tubs Aft Paired Singles
  25. AA Ammunition Locker Facia
  26. AA Gun Tubs Midship Single Triples
  27. AA Gun Tub Stern Single Twin
  28. AA Gun Tubs Foícísle Single Singles

7 double-sided sheets of instructions are included, for 13 pages of instructions. These instructions include numbered shilouttes of the sheets, identifing all the parts. All the major assemblies have individual building steps; the remaining parts, mostly railings, are listed in the final text instructions.

Another fine set from White Ensign Models. All but required to do justice to your Nagato or Mutsu. WEM always delivers a quality product, and this set is no exception. Priced at £49.32, or around $79.00, direct from WEM.