White Ensign Model's set for Aoshima's 1/350 Takao class heavy cruisers of the IJN is an extensive set, consisting of 2 frets of photo etch; one large full page sized sheet, and one that is half a sheet. With well over 125 parts, this set will be a "must-have" for detailing your Takao class cruiser.


Fret A, the half-sized sheet, is comprised mainly of a variety of parts like railings, ladders, and etched detail mechanisms for the aircraft catapults.

  1. 2-Bar Chain Link Railings
  2. 2-Bar Pipe Railings
  3. Single-Bar Catwalk Railing
  4. Handrails for Funnels and Gun Tubs
  5. Shaped Focísíle Railings
  6. Main Crane Hook
  7. Small Bridge Searchlights
  8. Main Turret Side Ladders
  9. Main Turret Rear Ladders
  10. Rangefinder Windows (Large)
  11. Main Crane Rigging Block
  12. Main Crane Rigging
  13. Rangefinder Windows (Small)
  14. DF Loop Antennas
  15. Signal Platform Railings
  16. Mainmast Yardarm Footropes (Takao)
  17. Type 1 Vertical Ladders
  18. Type 2 Vertical Ladders
  19. No. 3 & 5 Turret Top Railings
  20. No. 1, 2 & 4 Turret Top Railings
  1. Bridge Roof Small Tripod Antenna
  2. Main Turret Sight Windows (Open)
  3. Main Turret Sight Windows (Closed)
  4. Foremast Yardarm Footropes
  5. Small Binocular Sky Sights
  6. 11m Ceremonial Barge Fittings
  7. 11m Motor Boat Fittings
  8. Fore Funnel Siren Platform
  9. Main Deck Step Ladders
  10. Director X27 Side Hatches
  11. Funnel Wire Antenna Spreaders
  12. Bridge Roof Large Tripod Antennas
  13. 'Alf' Floatplane Parts
  14. 'Dave' Floatplane Parts
  15. Superstructure Aft Ladders
  16. Swinging Boat Booms
  17. Aft Wire Antenna Masts
  18. Sea Boat Boarding Rope Ladders
  19. Vent Grilles C19 & C20
  20. Vent Grilles H13 & H14
  1. Hangar Side Ladders
  2. Superstructure Inclined Ladders
  3. Vent Grille K19
  4. Vent Grille M11
  5. Vent Grilles D8 & D9
  6. Hangar Forward Inclined Ladders
  7. Vent Grilles C17 & C18
  8. Vent Grilles Boat Well Deck
  9. Type 13 Go Air Warning Radar
  10. 'Pete' Floatplane Parts
  11. Vent Grilles L7
  12. Fore Deck Ladder Landings
  13. Type 21 Go Dentan Kai Air Search Radar
  14. Vent Grilles C22 & C23
  15. Small Inclined Ladders (Early Fit)
  16. Model 3 Catapult Mechanism
  17. Model 5 Catapult Mechanism
  18. 'Jake' Floatplane Parts


Fret B is the full sheet sized fret, with an even larger number of diverse detail parts. From antennas to AA guns, mast details and davits, this fret is packed with details both large and small for your cruiser.

  1. Foremast Details (Takao)
  2. Foremast Details (Chokai)
  3. Mainmast Details (Late Fit)
  4. Mainmast Details (Early Fit)
  5. Main Crane Jib Assembly
  6. 'Jake' Floatplane Cradle
  7. Propeller Guards
  8. Main Sea Boat Davits
  9. Stern Folding Davits
  10. Forward Folding Davits
  11. 12m Motor Launch Fittings
  12. Forward Funnel Brace
  13. 6m Sampan Fittings
  14. Bow Crest (Chrysanthemum)
  15. Model 5 Catapult Assembly
  16. Stern Hiragana Letters
  17. Hangar Side Gantries (Chokai)
  18. Model 3 Catapult Assembly
  19. 11m Motor Boat Cradles
  1. 12m Motor Launch Cradles
  2. 9m Cutter Cradles
  3. Upper Bridge Windows (Takao)
  4. Lower Bridge Windows (Takao)
  5. 9m Cutter Oars
  6. 9m Cutter Rudders
  7. 9m Cutter Thwarts
  8. Admiralty Pattern Stream Anchors
  9. Flight Deck Catwalks
  10. Forward Funnel Catwalks
  11. Twin 13mm AA Gun Mountings
  12. Stern Smoke Generator Tubes
  13. Lower Bridge Windows F5 (Chokai)
  14. Middle Bridge Windows F6 (Chokai)
  15. Upper Bridge Windows F7 (Chokai)
  16. Degaussing Coil Conduit Sections
  17. Degaussing Conduit Bow Sections
  18. Tower Top Director X8 Windows
  19. Single Lewis Gun Mountings
  1. Fore Funnel Cap Grille (Front)
  2. Fore Funnel Cap Grille (Rear)
  3. Stern Lifebuoy Chute
  4. Accommodation Ladders
  5. Tower Top Director Voice Pipe
  6. Bow Crane Jib
  7. Aft Funnel Cap Grille
  8. Main Turret Sliding Doors
  9. 6m Boat Crane Assembly
  10. 'Pete' Floatplane Cradle
  11. Torpedo Loading Cranes
  12. Aircraft Handling Trolleys
  13. Aft Searchlight Platform Stays
  14. 'Alf' Floatplane Cradle
  15. Aft Searchlight Platform Catwalk
  16. 'Dave' Floatplane Cradle
  17. Main Turret Rear Heat Shield
  18. Main Turret Side Heat Shields
  19. Flight Deck Turntables
  1. Flight Deck Rails (Chokai)
  2. Flight Deck Rails (Takao)
  3. Stern Deck Plate (Late Fit)
  4. Single 25mm AA Gun Mountings
  5. Anchor Chain
  6. Triple/Twin 25mm Gun Fittings
  7. Large Awning Stanchions
  8. Medium Awning Stanchions
  9. Short Awning Stanchions
  10. Aft Searchlight Platform Towers J10
  11. AA Director Towers J6
  12. Twin 25mm Platform Towers J9
  13. 12.7cm Single Gun Mount Details
  14. 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Details
  15. No. 4 Turret Tripod Antenna
  16. No. 2 Turret Tripod Antenna (Early)
  17. No. 2 Turret Tripod Antenna (Late)
  18. Anchor Chain Stoppers

Six sheets of instructions are included, with 8 pages of instructions. These instructions include numbered silhouettes of the etched fret identifying all the parts.

This photoetch upgrade set is another great detail set from WEM! While this set has some ship specific parts for both Takao and Chokai, but nothing specific is listed for Maya or Atago. Builders would be encouraged, as usual, to consult your resources for your specific model.

Priced at £42.51, or around $60.00 USD direct from WEM; prices may be slightly higher from other sources. Thanks to White Ensign for this review sample.

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