1/350 Konig class Dreadnought
Photo etch set by White Ensign models
If you plan to build your Konig as she appeared at Jutland or prior to that you will find that this Photo etch set provides you with some missing pieces that are not included in the kit. First and foremost is the torpedo shelves and netting. This set is not for the feint of heart, as it includes hundreds of brackets and parts that will test your endurance. 
Not every modeler will choose to include all the parts, but they are there if you want to use them. The boat davits are very impressive, and will definitely enhance your kit. The instructions provided in the kit are very helpful and you will need them as White Ensign Models has a reputation for providing even the tiniest of details. They are well written and show correct placement of the parts on the ship and the various subassemblies.
Included in the set:
  • Normal tensioned railings in 2 and 3 bar format, Chain and Cable types
  • Batterie Deck  2 bar chain railings drooping between stanchions
  • Breach Mechanisms for the 88s
  • Accommodation ladders and rigging
  • Inclined and vertical ladders
  • Boat Boom rigging
  • Main Boat Crane Rigging & Hooks
  • Torpedo net stowage davits (102 of them!!)
  • A Ships Wheel, Telegraph and Binnacle
  • Anchor Cable & Hold Backs
  • Funnel Cap Grills
  • Deadlights  ( Loads of Em )
  • Replacement Girders for boat cradle bases
  • Replacement Rudders, Props and Handrails for ships boats
  • Deck Hatches with Hold Open Frames
  • Oars for open boats
  • Pre Jutland  Foremast yard and Aerial Spreaders.
  • Replacement for Frame parts J36 & 37
  • Shrouded rails for Searchlight Platforms
  • Circular Housing and Roof for Platform below Spotting Top
  • Support Brackets for Spotting Top
  • Bow Crests
  • Pre Jutland Foremast Lower Platform and supports
  • Pre Jutland Mainmast Platform and Supports
  • Liferings
  • Entire Torpedo Net Shelf (NOT provided in the plastic kit!)
  • Doors Hatches and Skylight Covers Including Armoured Turret Doors
  • Capstan Handwheels
  • Arched boat windows
  • Ship's boat's wheel and pelorus
  • Torpedo Shelf Support Brackets (around 122)
  • Torpedo Net Davits (102)
  • Low Bridge Roof
  • Cutter Davits
Also available from White Ensign is the Pre 1917 For Mast produced in white metal as the one in the kit is for a post 1917 ship. Some of the parts in this PE set are designed to work with this mast.
Konig Full buildup by Andy Elwood
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