1/350 King George V
Photo etch set by White Ensign models
Are you building Tamiya's 1/350 King George V or Prince of Wales? Then you need a good Photo etch set, there are a few choices for the modeler, but none come close to being as extensive as this latest offering from White Ensign Models. This set has literally everything you could need to super detail your kit. It is relief etches and has to be seen to be believed. The 4 and 8 barrel Pom Pom assemblies are incredible, complete with ammo belts and enough parts to drive you to drink. 

Note: image scanned in B&W to allow for higher resolution on smaller file size
The instructions are very extensive as well, with two pages (not shown) to identify the parts and give general photo etch tips. There are four more pages that show how the parts fit and the kit parts they replace or integrate with.

Included in the set:

  • 2 and 3 bar railings with and without stantions
  • inclined ladder strip
  • vertical ladder strip
  • anchor cable
  • single 20 mm Oerlikons
  • twin 20 mm powered mount fittings
  • 4 and 8 barreled Pom Pom mechanism
  • Front and rear splinter sheilds
  • 4 barrel Pom Pom base plate
  • 5.25" armoured windows left and right hinge
  • Ammunition boxes, joiners, and belts
  • Splinter shields
  • Mechanism top plate
  • Ejector chutes
  • 277 Radar Screen and aerial pole
  • Mast top platform
  • Headache aerials
  • 91 TBS aerials
  • ESM aerials
  • 285 Yagi aerials, mountings, and diapoles
  • RH2 DF aerials
  • Foremast IFF interogator aerial
  • Foremast IFF aerials
  • Foremast top 86 TBS aerial
  • 281 radar upper and lower aerial
  • 279/281 radar aerial pole
  • 284 gunnery radar upper and lower antenna
  • FH3 HF/DF antenna
  • Foremast upper and lower yardarms and footropes
  • Mainmast starfish early and late fit
  • Foremast starfish
  • Foremast top platform late and early fit
  • Forward funnel siren platform
  • Director tower platforms
  • Funnel cap grills
  • Walrus aircraft parts and cradle
  • Whaler oars and rudders
  • 32' cutter oars and rudder
  • 16' motor boat cradle
  • 45' motor boat prop, and rudder
  • 45 cutter and motor boat cradle
  • 32' cutter cradle
  • 27' whaler cradle
  • 16' dingy cradles
  • 32' cutter davits
  • Crane boom assembly (x2)
  • Crane rigging to position it either elevated and stowed
  • Crane hook rigging and A frame and rigging
  • Crane A frame pulley wheels
  • Degaussing coil sections all sides
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Conclusions: This is an excellent photo etch set, the etching is extremely fine and the virtually every possible part you would need is included. If you are going to build one of those 1/350 British battleships, then you will want to get this set. My friend Andy Elwood, who built the Prince of Wales in the Gallery, tells me he will be doing another one just to use this set.

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