1/72 Type VIIc U-boat
Photo etch set by White Ensign models
The new Revell U-Boat is proving to be a popular new kit. It even appears to be converting a few armor modelers to the ship building realm. While it is a nice kit employing the latest in molding technology, most of us modelers are not content with that out of the box look anymore. Especially not when you have fine photo etch sets like this one from White Ensign Models. This set includes enough parts to build most any known version of this U-Boat. The amount of detailing possible in 1/72 scale is almost endless and this set reflects that with some really fine radar assemblies and conning tower details.
Fret 1
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The first fret is relief etched on a thin brass sheet of about .005" thickness. Details such as the torpedo tube doors highlight the 3D appearance of the hinge assembly achieved by the etching. A radar antenna housing for the conning tower is included for the FuMo 30 and 61 radar. A variety of ballast tank valves and correct tops and bases for the retractable bollards are included. If you chose to show your hatches open, you will appreciate the hand wheels and  latch mechanism.
Close ups of the fret details
Fret 2
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Close ups of the fret details
This second fret is thinner measuring about .003" and is also relief etched. The radar's and antennas are the things that really stand out to me. The radar's includes separate dipoles that thankfully have mounting holes provided on the screen. Also take note of the FuMo 29 Radar antennas. Early and late radar are included so you will have parts for whatever version of this U-Boat you are modeling.

A correct central diesel air vent with it's open etched grill replaces the incorrectly shaped kit part. The cable cutters even have blades that look like they could actually cut cable.

This set contains the following parts:
  • 20mm Fittings
  • Aft Torpedo Loading Hatch
  • Amidships Deck Hatches
  • Attack Periscope Mount Footbars
  • Ballast Tank Vents
  • Biscay Cross
  • Bollard Tops
  • Bow Lower Cable Cutter
  • Bow Torpedo Tube Doors
  • Bow Upper Cable Cutter
  • Cable Tensioners
  • Compass & Engine Telegraph Dial
  • Con Tower Top Side Vent Grills
  • Conning Tower Hatch Mechanism
  • Conning Tower Markings
  • Conning Tower Side Vent Grills
  • Deck Hatch Hinges
  • Diesel Exhaust, Diving Tank Valve Outlets
  • Fore Deck Hatches
  • Forward Torpedo Loading Hatch
  • FuMo 61 Antenna
  • FuMo29 Antennas
  • FuMo30 Radar Antenna
  • Gun Deck Hatch
  • Gun Hand wheels
  • Hatch Handles
  • Large Casing Access Hatch
  • Naxos Antenna
  • Periscope Compass Repeater
  • Periscope Stiffeners
  • Replacement Rail
  • Retractable Bollard Plates
  • Small Stern Access Hatch
  • Snorkel Housing Crosses
  • Torpedo Aimer Sight Bezel
  • Torpedo Aimer Sight Footbars. 
The instructions are very extensive as well, with a parts list and legend to identify the parts on the frets. The major subassemblies are well illustrated and where parts are integrated with kit supplied parts they are noted. All in all, the illustrations are clear and informative and these are among the best instructions on the market today.

Conclusions: This is set #PE 7203 TYPE VIIC U-BOAT made specifically for the Revell kit. Whether you intend to model an early or late version, this is the set for you. It will definitely make your U-Boat stand out in a pack.

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