White Ensign Models 1/350
Tribal Class Photo Etch detail

Reviewed by Sean Hert
May 2014

Trumpeter's 1/350 Tribal class destroyer HMS Eskimo is a kit that is not without flaws, primarily in the area of accuracy. This photoetch set from White Ensign Models addresses some of these flaws, as well as adding the normal enhanced detail inherent to photoetch upgrades.

The instructions make references to two additional WEM photetch sets (NOT INCLUDED) required to address some of the major flaws with Eskimo; the ship's boats and the missing 4-barreled Pom Pom. (Trumpter erroneously included an *8* barrelled mount in the Eskimo kit)


WEM's upgrade set for Eskimo is a single sheet of brass photoetch. This sheet has over 75 parts, including nameplates for the 16 Royal Navy Tribal class destroyers. ( RCN and RAN destroyer destroyer nameplates are not included)

The set includes all the details you would expect in a set like this; pre-formed railings, radar antennas, davits and such, It also includes replacement 20mm Oerlikon singles and quad .5" machine guns- both of which are an improvement over the kit's plastic parts. 

  1. 3-Bar Railmg (Main Deck Sections)
  2. Midships AA Gun Platform Supports (Early)
  3. Midships AA Gun Platform Supports (Late)
  4. Railings (Galley Roof)
  5. Railings (Foc'sle Deck)
  6. Railings (X Gun Deck)
  7. Railings (Foc'sle Sheer)
  8. Railings (B Gun Deck)
  9. Railings (Pom-Pom Deck)
  10. Lattice Mast Yardarms
  11. 291 Radar Antenna
  12. 0.5'' Quad Machine Gun Mounts
  13. 20mm Oerlikon Single Mounts
  14. Bridge Canopy
  15. 25' Fast Motor Boat Fittings
  16. 25' Admiralty Motor Cutter Fittings
  17. Jack Staff
  18. Headache Antenna
  19. Ensign Staff & Boat Boom
  1. Accommodation Ladder Handrails
  2. Accommodation Ladder Steps
  3. Mainmast Yardarm
  4. 286 Radar Antenna Assembly
  5. Lattice Mast Top Platform
  6. Tripod Foremast Upper Yardarm
  7. Tripod Foremast Lower Yardarm
  8. Lattice Foremast Type I
  9. Lattice Foremast Type 1 Front Section
  10. Mainmast Gaff
  11. Lattice Foremast Type 2
  12. Lattice Foremast Type 2 Front Section
  13. Lattice Mast IFF Antenna
  14. Mid Gun Platform Outer Supports
  15. Forward Gun Platform Supports (Late)
  16. Forward Gun Platform Supports (Early)
  17. Boat Davits
  18. 27' Whaler Thwarts
  19. 27’ Whaler Rudder & Oars
  1. Forward Funnel Cap Grille
  2. Aft Funnel Cap Grille
  3. Bridge Front DF Loop Antenna
  4. 282 Yagi Radar Antennas
  5. 285 Yagi Radar Antennas
  6. 276 Radar Antenna
  7. Pole Mast OF Antenna
  8. Bridge Semaphores
  9. Stem Depth Charge Rails
  10. Tripod Mast Top DF Antenna
  11. Searchlight Platform
  12. Searchlight Platform Railings
  13. Seachlight Platform Lattice Tower
  14. Forward Lite Raft Racks
  15. Midships Life Raft Racks
  16. Bridge Signal Lamps
  17. Y Gun Training Stops
  18. A Gun Training Stops
  19. Anchor Chain
  1. AA Yagi Antennas
  2. Ships' Name Plates
  3. 16' Motor Boat Cradles
  4. Searchlight Lens Cross
  5. Stove Pipes (Braced)
  6. Depth Charge Loading Davits
  7. Anchors
  8. Mainmast Wire Antenna Spreader (Late)
  9. Torpedo Loading Davit
  10. Vertical Ladder Stock
  11. Depth Charge Stowage Racks
  12. Stem Depth Charge Rails (Alternative)
  13. Stove Pipes (Plain)
  14. Inclined Ladders
  15. Aft Funnel Sirens
  16. Bridge Windows
  17. Binocular Sights
  18. Aft Life Raft Racks

Sheet A

Four double-sided sheets of instructions are included, for seven pages of instructions. These instructions include numbered shilouttes of the sheets, identifing all the parts. All the major assemblies have individual building steps; the remaining parts, mostly railings, are listed in the final text instructions.

The instructions mistakenly reference WEM Pro 3532 for the replacement propellers and ships boats; this is accurately WEM Pro 3534, HMS Eskimo Boat and Propeller Set. The set with the 4-barrelled pom-pom is accurately referred to as WEM Pro 3508. These sets are referenced again in the assembly steps.

One of the final assembly steps in the instructions addresses the issue of the missing sheer in Eskimo's bow- it looks to be an easy fix for those modelers with intermediate skills or better.

A nice detail set from White Ensign Models to accentuate your Trumpter 1/350 Tribal class destroyer. It is a little disappointing that this set does not include a replacement pom-pom mount, requiring an additional purchase. 

White Ensign Models PE 35169 1/350 Tribal Class is priced at 23.96, or around $39.00, direct from WEM. Thanks to WEM for providing this review sample.