White Ensign Models 1/350
HMS Dreadnought Photo Etch detail

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Modelers have often wondered why certain historically or technologically important ships have never been released in plastic. With the release of Zvezda's 1/350 HMS Dreadnought, one of those subjects, long absent, is now available. White Ensign's photo etch detail set for Dreadnought consists of 2 sheets of finely etched brass. Both are 1/2 sheets, with over 100 parts in total. This set is intended to allow the modeler to build a Dreadnought at various states in her career, and therefore offers variant parts and fits according to those times. Make sure you research Dreadnought, read the instructions carefully, and decide the era before you begin. (WEM recommends Anatomy of the Ship: HMS Dreadnought by John Roberts)


Sheet A has most of the railings needed for the ship, as well as the ladders, inclined ladders, accomodation and boarding equipment, footropes, etc. This sheet also has a neat possible detail for those who like seascape or diorama settings- the tops of torpedo nets, to display them in a deployed condition.

The parts are not limited to the normal railings and such; there are also details for the 12-pdr guns, funnel grills and a large number of coaling hatches.

Sheet A


Sheet B is etched from slightly thicker brass, as the parts here require sturdier construction. The more structural parts include torpedo net shelves and replacement bulkheads for the charthouse and both the admiral's sea cabin and shelter. A replacement boat deck (for a 1915 appearance), upgraded starfish, a two styles of planked compass platforms, as well as a planked bridge deck are also present.

There are both open and closed watertight doors, lengths of anchor chain and a variety of deck hatches and skylights. Various details for the ships boats are also included;

  • Thwarts
  • Rudders
  • Oars

Sheet B

5 double-sided sheets of instructions are included, for 9 pages of instructions. These instructions include numbered silhouettes of the sheets, identifing all the parts. All the major assemblies have individual building steps; the remaining parts, mostly railings, are listed in the final text instructions.

A nice detail set from White Ensign Models. This set of relief-etched brass is sure to be an excellent companion to your Dreadnought project, and with both early and late parts- and those deloyed torpedo net tops- most Dreadnought builders will find this set a great investment!

White Ensign Models PE 35155 1/350 HMS Dreadnought is priced at 43.88, or around 68.00, direct from WEM. Thanks to WEM for providing this review sample.

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