White Ensign 1/350
USS Wasp LHD-1

by Sean Hert

White Ensign's detail set for the Gallery/MRC/Revell Germany 1/350 USS Wasp LHD-1 Air Wing consists of one medium-sized sheet of finely etched brass. This set is for upgrading the aircraft included in the LHD kit, and would also be applicable to the USMC Aircraft accessory sets available.

This set is designed to support the six aircraft types included in the kits:

  • CH-53E Super Stallion
  • AV-8B Harrier
  • MV-22 Osprey
  • SH-60K/F Seahawk
  • AH-1W Cobra
  • CH-46E Sea Knight


This photoetch has 25 different items, from rotors and blades. to entire cockpits with relief-etched instrument panels! The parts are quite impressive. This set also has some aircraft handling equipment not included in the ship kits:

  1. Flatbed Trolley
  2. CH-46 Sea Knight Exterior Fittings
  3. CH-46 Sea Knight Cockpit Details
  4. Aircraft Jacks
  5. CH-53E Super Stallion Exterior Fittings
  6. CH-53E Super Stallion Cockpit Details
  7. Missile Trolley
  8. SH-60K Folded Rotor Set
  1. SH-60K Spread Rotor Set
  2. SH-60K Tail Plane
  3. SH-60K Rotor Cradles
  4. SH-60K Tail Fold Joint
  5. Aircraft Tow Bar
  6. Liquid Container Trailer
  7. MV-22 Osprey Cockpit Details
  8. MV-22 Osprey Exterior Doors
  9. Tow Truck Steering Wheels
  1. Fire Truck Foam Nozzles
  2. Tow Truck Steering Wheels
  3. Hangar Deck Mechanical Handler
  4. AH-1W Cobra Exterior Fittings
  5. AH-1W Cobra Cockpit Details
  6. AV-8B Harrier Exterior Details
  7. AV-8B Harrier Cockpit Details
  8. Harrier Embarkation Laddar

The parts to upgrade the SH-60 seem to be limited to the main and tail rotor assembly and main landing gear; these items should work for either the -K or -F variants.

All four of the helos get replacement rotor blades, while the tilt-rotor hybrid MV-22 Osprey sticks with the kit blades, but does still have an etched cockpit and replacement outer doors.

The upgrade external hardpoints for the AV-8B Harrier look like a challenge to install!

Sheet A

Three double-sided sheets of instructions are included, for five total pages of instruction. These instructions are in normal WEM style; general instructions about photoetch with a silhouette of the sheet with a numbered a list of part descriptions. These are followed by the steps necessary to use and install the photoetch. These steps are usually in the form of an exploded view, with a descriptive heading and specific instructions.


A great set from White Ensign Models, and is should be a good set for the embarked aircraft of both the Wasp and Iwo Jima kits, or to enhance the birds in the accessory set.

This set, #35139 is priced at 14.29, or around $22.42, direct from WEM. The compelte set of all 3 LHD photoetch sets is #35148 is priced at 74.58, or around $116.00. Thanks to WEM for this review sample.

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