Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Voyager Models has produced some exciting new accessories lately. This one really caught my eye. It is the IJN Emergency Set with large wood rudders and smaller life rings with their holders. 
As better documentation and information on Japanese warships becomes available more and more details such as this are being added. I have noticed that some modelers have been attaching these wood rudders to their ships such as this IJN Takao by Alex, Shen Ke that shows one attached to the stern of his cruiser. Click images
to enlarge
Voyager has come up with an innovative approach to produce this rudders. They use thick relief etched brass and fold it over another brass insert also folded in half, to produce a thicker part. The outer part has metal strap detail and lift ring bases etched on. You wont have to try to glue the tiny lift rings to this part as they are attached to the inner filler part and pass right through the outer part for a most realistic effect.

There are two styles of rudders with different strap patterns. 

Close up of Fret A
Also on the brass fret are individual man sized life rings. These insert into the stainless steel holders on the second fret. The holders are also in two distinct styles. These fold around into a cage like shape and the rings are inserted into them.
The instructions show the various photo etch parts and how they go together. These are all that is needed to assemble your parts.
This set is the nice addition to your Japanese WW2 era ships. It will allow you to add an extra level of realism and include an often neglected accessory to your ships. Voyager Model photo etch can be found at most of the ship modeling sources or check the Voyager website for a list of distributors that carry their products.