Voyager Model
1/700 IJN Catapults

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Voyager Models has another set that you will definitely want to have around for Japanese Navy Ship Modelers. This set includes catapults for typical IJN WW2 Ships. The relief etching really makes this set stand out and gives the parts a nice 3D appearance.
The first fret includes 3 catapults and a variety of aircraft cradles. The catapults have some really nice diamond tread plate detailing on the surface. The girder construction is enhanced by the relief etching. The cradels have some nice intricate detailing.
Close up of Fret A
The second fret includes the catapult bases and motor details. These too are relief etched.
Rather than try to create photo etch cylanders. Resin ones are supplied to give the final assembly some realistic detailing.
The instructions show the parts and how they fold up. They are pretty simple, but appear to show everything you need to build these catapults.
This set will handy to have around for detailing your 1/700 WW2 Japanese Navy Ships. The etching is very good and will really enhance any ship that you use these one. Look for these at your favorite hobby retailer or mail order shop. You can find some on the Voyager website for a list of distributors that carry their products.