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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
When Richard Harden took over Tom's Modelworks, he already had an established line of products to sell. However he was not content to just continue to offer the same products and has been working to expand the line. This South Dakota Class Detail set is the result of that work. The set is designed to upgrade the Trumpeter 1/700 line of South Dakota Class Battleships. It is comprised of three frets with plenty of details to do any ship in the class. Many of the details are ship specific as their were some variations in the class. 

The main fret includes catapults, cranes, radar's, and lots of platforms for the ships.  

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Close ups of some of the fret details.
Some of the other parts on this fret include:
  • SK Antenna and backing
  • SK-2 Antenna assembly
  • SR Antenna
  • TDY parts
  • RDF antenna
  • IFF Antenna and platform
  • IFF Platform BB58 and 60
  • SC Antenna
  • Mk3 Antenna
  • Mk8 base and frame
  • OS2U Float plane struts and propellers
  • Turret face ladders
  • Catapult assembly
  • Stern aircraft crane
  • Whip Antenna mounts
  • Mast Antenna
  • SM Antenna and parts
  • Anchors
  • Boat crane pulley
  • Cable reels
  • Stern aircraft crane assembly
  • Boat crane for Indiana 
  • Inclined ladders
  • Funnel Grill for Hasegawa kit
  • Funnel grill for BB57 and 59
  • Alabama funnel walkway
Note: not all parts listed

To detail the medium anti aircraft guns a fret of #740 40 mm shields and railings are provided. There is enough to do 20 quad mounts and 18 twin mounts. 

Railings are provided by Set #704 with plenty of ladders stock and 2, 3 and 4 bar railings in various styles.

There are two frets of these 20 mm guns also sold separately as Set #71. You will have a total of eighty 20 mm gun mounts. They use the old fold up pedestal with separate gun assemblies. 

The instructions are five pages with notes, bill of materials, and subassembly views. 

Conclusions: It's nice to see new products from Tom's Modelworks. This Set #767 is a great way to upgrade your Trumpeter or Hasegawa South Dakota, Alabama, Massachusetts or even to do an Indiana conversion. Priced at only $20.00 it's an affordable set that gives you plenty of details without breaking your budget. 

Check this set and other sets for 1/700 ships on  Tom's Modelworks website with secure online ordering.