Tom's Modelworks 1/700 US Carrier Floatation Baskets
by Timothy Dike
Here's a handy little set for 700 scale modelers. US Carrier Floatation Baskets a common site all over the sides of any mid to late war carrier. These baskets were filled with floatation devices to help keep sailors afloat if the ship sinks underneath them. In 1/700 scale there is just no good way to represent these parts. Tom's new set will go a long way to remedy that.
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This set contains 60 Relief etched baskets. The relief etching helps bring out the framework on the baskets and it is very well done for this small scale. The baskets are designed in the typical style for a part like this. The body is rolled around a rod and the ends are folded in. 

The instructions describe this and a tool you can make to make the whole process much easier. 


This is set number #752 US Carrier Floatation Baskets for $8.00. An affordable price for this cool little set. Check this set and other sets for 1/700 ships on  Tom's Modelworks website with secure online ordering.