1/700 IJN Submarine
Photo etch set by Tom's ModelWorks
Here is a great set for Japanese submarines, it is specifically designed for the Excellent Skywave submarine kits. It has enough parts to do any of the eight different subs in the Skywave line. The etching is very fine and typical of Tom's latest sets. The Tubular aerial for the I-9 is a nice touch, and will make your sub kit really stand out.

Note: image scanned in B&W to allow higher resolution without increasing file size.
The set includes parts for the following Skywave kits:
  • Kit #W48 I-400 and I-401
    • Main deck and hanger bay rails.
    • Antenna support.
    • Side support for launch ramp.
    • Stern prop guards.
    • Aircraft prop.
    • Direction finder loop.
    • Air search radar.
    • Aircraft handling crane boom, hook, and cable.
    • Forward dive planes.
  • Kit #W41 I-13 and I-14
    • Side for aircraft launch ramp.
    • Stern prop guards.
    • auxiliary rudder.
    • Deck rails.
    • Forward dive planes.
    • Propellers.
    • Anchor.
    • Hand wheels for hanger doors.
    • Aircraft handling crane boom, hook, and cable.
    • Direction finder loop .
  • Kit #W45 RO-35 and Target A Type D Koryu
    • Deck rails.
    • Aft prop Guards.
    • Aft antenna support.
    • Forward antenna support.
    • Anchor.
    • Propellers.
    • Forward dive planes.
    • Forward dive bumpers.
    • Net cutter.
    • Prop for Koryu.
  • Kit #W16 I-9 and RO-35
    • Side for aircraft ramp.
    • Auxiliary rudder.
    • Aft prop guards.
    • Forward dive planes.
    • Forward dive plane bumpers.
    • Deck rails.
    • Tubular aerial.
    • Anchor.
    • Propeller.
    • Aircraft handling crane, hook, and cable.
Also included are several crew members to man your subs.
The instructions show the parts and the kits they work on. There is very little assembly to these parts so there is not much to show.

Instructions (click to enlarge)
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This set is a great value to the modeler because of the many different parts included. Although custom designed for the Skywave kits, it can also be used for other 1/700 Japanese sub kits. For a retail price of $12.00 you get more than enough photo etch to do a fleet of IJN subs.

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