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1/700 British Radar's Set
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by Timothy Dike
Here's a handy set for British warship modelers who want some extra detailing on their ships without going crazy. 
A single brass fret contains all the various radar antenna and their parts. They are nicely etched and not overly complicated which should make them more user friendly to the average modeler. . 
Included in the set are:
  • Type 86, 87, or 88 TBS antennas.
  • Type 232M IFF Interrogator.
  • Type 243 IFF Interrogator (for Type 279).
  • Type 274 Low Angle Gunnery radar.
  • Type 277 Combined Surface/air warning height finder.
  • Type 279 (79) Long range radar.
  • Type 281 Long Range Air Warning.
  • Type 282 Yagi Close Range Pom Pom Director.
  • Type 283 High Angle Barrage Director.
  • Type 284 Low Angle Gunnery Radar twin.
  • Type 284 Low Angle Gunnery Radar single.
  • Type 285 High Angle Gunnery radar.
  • Type GA 285 Range Finder Director.
  • Type 286 Surface Warning Antenna.
  • Type 293 Air Warning Target Indicating Radar.
  • Type 296/291 Air Warning Antenna.
  • ECM Headache Electronic Countermeasure.
  • MF/DF & mount. Medium Freq. RDF.
  • VHM/DF Deck mounted HF RDF.

A must have set for someone who wants to upgrade a lot of kits for not a lot of money. This is set number #738 WWII BRITISH NAVAL RADARS for $7.00 An affordable price for this handy set. Check this set and other sets for 1/700 ships on Tom's Modelworks website with secure online ordering.