1/700 US Light Cruiser Set
Photo etch set by Tom's ModelWorks
When I began to prepare to build Classic Warships USS Helena, I sought advice in the ship modeling community via the Ship Model Mailing List SMML as to the best photo etch set to use for it. I received quite a few responses and by and large the most recommended set was this one. Tom's set is perfect for the Brooklyn and St. Louis Class Light cruisers, as it contains parts found in no other set that I know of in this scale. 
Probably the most important item featured is the searchlight tower, which really gives your cruiser a scale appearance. There are different style platforms that can be mounted to simulate most any ship of the class. The boat cranes typical of most light cruisers are also very nice. The rear aircraft handling crane folds up easily with little effort at all. 

The set includes;

  • propeller guards
  • struts, and float bracing for the SOC (see Lester Abbey's CL-50)
  • funnel guards (two styles)
  • TDY jammer  antenna
  • RDF radio direction finder antenna
  • TBS antenna
  • ladders 
  • enough railing to line all the platforms in the set
  • searchlight platform
  • searchlight bases
  • two boat cranes
  • aircraft handling crane and braces

This set is not designed as a stand alone set but rather to be used in conjuction with  their other 1/700 scale sets

Instructions are included and are pretty well illustrated, with all parts identified.

I cant imagine trying to complete any of the fine 1/700 cruisers without this set, unless you are going for the Out Of the Box effect. This set is absolutley essential for any Brooklyn Class CL and can be used with the Cleveland class as well.

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