1/700 Escort Carrier
Photo etch set by Tom's ModelWorks

Since we have reviewed the Tamiya Bogue Class Escort Carrier It is only fitting that we also look at a Photo etch set specifically designed for it. Tom's set addresses the short comings of the Tamiya kit by including a new mast and platforms to give the ship a more realistic appearance. There are two types of radar included to cover early and late versions of the CVE's. Propellers are also included to give that air wing a finer look, and a few crew are included to tend to them. If you wish to sand off the arresting wires and replace them, new brackets are included. A lot of the photo's I've seen show carriers with wind breaks deployed when flight OP's are not going on, well it's included in this set as well.
overall shot of photo etch sheet Click to enlarge

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You also get 27 of Toms 20 mm gun mounts with separate shields. These gun mounts are designed to be folded  in a "Z" shape to represent the gun mount. This gives the gun a 3d appearance, at least when viewed from the front.

The set can be purchased two ways, as set #707, or as set #710, with the railings, ladders, and stairs shown. Also available for the Escort Carrier is the set #742 with perforated catwalks and attached rails. Check pictures of the Carrier you wish to model to confirm which set need.

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