1/400 German Type II U-boat set
by Tom's Modelworks
With all the new 1/350 kits coming on the market, modelers working in 1/400 scale may be feeling a little neglected. But never fear Tom's Modelworks has produced a new set that will do a whole Wolf Pack of Type II U-boats. This set will do four different kinds of boats, but the real beauty of this set is that it will do four complete boats.
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This set includes such items as bow and stern dive planes, gun shields, anchors, RDO antennas, antenna wire supports, radar antennas, platform rails and ladders,  anti skid plate for various platforms, net cutters, shoulder support and gun supports, bollard deck plates
Close ups of some of the fret details.
Type IIa Type IIb Type IIc Type IId
The items listed above are available for four different versions of the Type II U-boats. The parts are etched nicely etched and items like the railings and antenna are very fine.

The instructions are front and back of a single sheet. Installation notes and some subassembly views. The second side includes elevation views of the different types with locations of the parts noted. The instructions are pretty good, but I would have liked to see some 3D or isometric views included. But with the simplicity of the subjects, this is probably all you will need to build your subs.

Conclusions: This is set #4011 priced at only $22.00 a really good value when you consider the fours subs it will do. That's only $5.50 per sub a great value. Check this set and other sets for 1/400 ships and subs on  Tom's Modelworks website with improved online ordering.

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