Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Man the rails, what rails you ask, well perhaps you need to get a set of Tom's 1/350 Modern Ship Railing. This set features rows and rows of 4 and 5 bar railings for modern ships. There are also some 2 & 3 bar upper deck railings as well as ladder stock. The rails are nicely etched on thin brass sheet and should be easy to work with. If you need a set of 2 & 3 bar railings, you should take a look at set #3501.  
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Close ups of the fret
The instructions are a single page with notes for working with photo etch and info about the railings on the fret.


This is set #3560 with a list price of $20. That's a nice price for a set that will equip a fleet of ships. If you build a lot of modern navy ships, then this is a set you need on your workbench. Be sure to check out all of Tom's Modelworks ship detail sets on their online store with secure shopping.