German Naval Radars
Photo etch sets by Tom's ModelWorks

Perhaps one of the most obscure naval subjects is Axis radar systems, primarily due to the lack of surviving warships, and the complete destruction of Germany and Japan's technological infrastructure at the end of WW2. In addition, Allied systems were superior to both German and Japanese sets, and as a result, not much effort was made to preserve the technology. 

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Tom's Modelworks has announced four new sets for German naval subjects, in 1/350, 1/400, 1/600, and 1/700 scales. The fret contains parts for the following sets:

FUMB 4, FUMB 6, FUMB 7, FUMO 30/61/65, FUMO 31/63, FUMO 21, FUMO 22, FUMO 23, FUMO 24/25, FUMO 26, and FUMO 27. This wide variety of sets allows the modeler to use this fret for multiple ships.

FuMO 21 - Light Cruisers, Destroyers, and large Torpedo Boats.

FuMO 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26 for capital ships.

FuMO 30 & 61 & 65 for Submarines.

FuMO 31 & 63 for Cruisers and Destroyers.


The Instructions are 2 pages of drawings and contain images of various applications. Due to the countless variations of radar sets German warships carried throughout their lives, additional research is necessary. Recommended books on this subject are Warship #21 and 22, German Naval Radar to 1945, parts 1 & 2 by Erwin Sieche, and German Naval Radar Detectors by Erwin Sieche. Regardless of the scarcity of research information on this subject matter, builders of German warship models now have the ability to accurately depict the radar arrays carried by these ships in photoetched brass.

Set #3540 - 1/350 (for Tamiya, Academy, resin kits)

Set #4009 - 1/400 scale (for Heller kits)

Set #6015 - 1/600 scale (for Airfix and Matchbox)

Set # 735 - 1/700 (for Aoshima, Hasegawa, Fujimi, and resin kits)


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