1/350 USS Hornet
Photo etch set by Tom's ModelWorks

Designed for the new Trumpeter 1/350 USS Hornet kit, Tom's Modelworks was the first company to offer photoetched parts for this new carrier model. Tom's brass set is the only set referred to in the kit instructions, which clearly shows that the company was actively involved in the development of this set in conjunction with Trumpeter.

Instructions are straightforward, with 4 pages of instructions printed back to back on 2 sheets

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The set includes the following parts:

  • Deck Rails and vertical ladders
  • B-25, F4F, SBD, and TBD detail parts, including props and landing gear
  • 20mm gunshields
  • Funnel top plate and grates
  • LSO platform, fore and aft
  • CXAM radar
  • SC radar
  • Mk4 radar and mounts (for Mk37 Fire Control Director)
  • Arresting Cable cover plates
  • Flight Deck Wind Brakes
  • Raft inserts
  • Loudspeaker face plates
  • Crash barrier supports
  • Bridge Wing platforms
  • Deck elevator safety rails
  • Open and closed chocks
  • Forward Flight deck catwalk
  • Bridge Porthole Covers
  • Deck Crane Boom
  • Deck Crane Supports
  • Funnel catwalks and attached rails
  • Rails for Officer's gig
  • Flooring and rila for 40' motor launch
  • Small boat rudders

This set includes parts for the aircraft included in the kit, including the B-25s. If you purchase additional aircraft from Trumpeter, you'll need to purchase the following sets: #3536 for the F4F Wildcats, #3537 for the SBD Dauntless,   #3538 for the TBD Devastators, and 3539 for the B-25s.

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