1/350 40 MM
Photo etch set by Tom's ModelWorks
Todays 1/350 scale Plastic kits such as the have a lot of detail by themselves, but they also have even more detail possibilities as well. This set is one way to dress up one or more of those kits. 
Note: image scanned in B&W to allow higher resolution without increasing file size. Click image to enlarge
Instructions are pretty basic, and desscribe the installation process. I think that it would be better to describe them with pictures or drawings myself.
The set includes the following parts:
  • Rails for 40 mm twin mount
  • Rails for the 40 mm quad mount
  • Front sheild and rails for the quad mount
This set has only three different parts in it, but those will really make a Quad or Twin 40 mm gun mount stand out.  This set has more than enough rails and shields to do several ships and retails for $8.00 US, making it a great value.

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