1/700 Italian Navy Cable Reels

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The ships of the Italian Navy were destinct and easily recongised from their adversaries. In the same respect, the equipment on those ships was also unique.Regia Marina long known for their line of  Italian warships has released this cable reel set allow you to add the proper details to your Italian Navy ships.
The fret contains serveral sizes and types of reel assemblies. They are all one piece designed to be folded into a "U" shape to simulate the reel assembly. I would recomend adding a short piece of plastic rod to simulate the drum. 

The set is relief etches for a realistic 3D appearance, and has the distinct wheel style used on Italian ships during World War Two.

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Thanks to Regia Marina for the review sample. It is nice to see some of the details used in their kits available separately. This one will allow you to upgrade your other Italian Navy ships.

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