1/700 Porthole Set
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
August 2013

Here's a handy set for scratchbuilders and superdetailers who need to cover up the many open portholes that a ship in peacetime had. The others can be used to frame the open porthole on most kits. 
The fret contains open portholes and cover plates. They are relief etched on stainless steel with 176 of each. The open ones are simply a ring with an open center, while the closed plates are a filled circle. 
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The instructions are a simple sheet with some text. 
This set will come in handy for superdetailing your projects. It has more than enough frames and covers to do a sizable fleet. 

Thanks to Regia Marina for the review sample. This is set #AF074 Porthole scale 1/700 for 6,65€ for EU customers and  5,50€ or about $7.30 at today's exchange rate for those outside the EU. 

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