Regia Marina 1/700
Panthère/Tigre Conversion for L'Arsenal's Léopard/Lynx Destroyer

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Regia Marina has made a conversion kit to update the 1/700 L'Arsenal Léopard/Lynx Destroyer kit. L'Aresenal's kit was designed to cover the first 2 members of this class in the 1936-1939 timeframe. This set is intended to convert this kit into the classes other two members, Panthère and the Tigre. These ships briefly served under the Italian flag, with the Tigre returning to French service in 1943. Tigre continued to serve in the French Navy until 1951. This kits as the parts to reflect these later modifications and differences shown by these other ships.


The resin parts in this conversion set number just under 20. There are new platforms for anti-aircraft guns (forward torpedo tubes were removed on Panthère and the Tigre), a replacement torpedo launcher for the after position, and life rafts.

The resin parts are cast in a white resin. This resin is more brittle than the more classic yellow-tan resins, so exercise a bit more caution than usual when removing these parts from the casting blocks.


There is a single fret of stainless steel photoetch. This fret covers the standard upgrade items in photoetch; radar, ladders, light AA guns, etc.


The 4 pages of photocopied instructions are at times difficult to make out and follow. The instructions are printed in two languages, Italian and English- Regia Marina, being an Italian company. The English instructions are not the primary ones, and so English speakers will need to take extra time studing and planning their build.


The Regia Marina 1/700 Panthère/Tigre Conversion for L'Arsenal's Léopard/Lynx Destroyer sells for €15,00 or about $18.00. RM products are available direct from Regia Marina or from some of our other sponsors. Thanks to Regia Marina for this review sample.