1/700 Porthole Set
Reviewed September 2016
by Chris Martens
Regia Marina (RM) is a well-known aftermarket and resin company that specializes in Italian subjects. Up for review is an aftermarket photo etch set of the standard Breda 20/65 Model 1935 anti-aircraft gun. Packaging is pretty typical of RM products, with a stiff piece of cardboard supporting the PE and instructions. 
Layout of the guns is pretty standard, with the set coming with sixteen guns. Detail is decent, having limited relief etching. The etch looks easy to remove from the fret and construction doesn’t look too difficult. 
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Instructions are in Italian, but the pictures provided are simple enough for non-speakers to easily determine how to build the guns. Regia Marina also kindly provides a list of vessels and a line drawing of a real gun to help the modeler identify what ships used the weapon and what they looked like. 
Aftermarket options for Italian vessels from World War II are extremely limited. We should feel very privileged that the people at Regia Marina can produce such constantly good products for use on these rare and unique models. 

This is set #AF058 1/700 New twin machine gun 20/65 mm available direct for € 10.07 for EEC modelers or € 8.25 Non EEC modelers (about $9.19 US Dollars at today's exchange rate).

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